Hot Pants

Two male transients robbed another male transient of his pants in the Best Buy parking lot on Fletcher Parkway on Sunday, October 4.

“Typically, the kind of crimes we see for transients are drunk in public, urinating in public, and trespassing,” says Lt. Carlos Medero of the La Mesa Police Department. “Historically, I can’t remember a robbery involving transients like this.”

The victim reported being approached by two other males at approximately 9:30 p.m. as he was walking in the parking lot. One of the suspects punched the man in the face and knocked him to the ground. Both suspects then punched the victim as he lay on the ground. They subsequently stole his pants, containing his wallet and his baseball cap.

As the suspects fled the area on foot, the victim ran to a nearby fast-food restaurant to call police. The victim said he knew both of his attackers. Within minutes, La Mesa Police had located one of the suspects in the 8300 block of Parkway Drive. The suspect was found wearing the victim’s baseball cap and had the victim’s belt draped around his neck. The other suspect remained at large.

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