The U.S. Postal Service has revised the list of post offices it hopes to close, sparing three San Diego locations. However, the USPS branches in North Park and Golden Hill remain on the chopping block.

The proposed closures have raised concerns among some community members and elected officials. The office of Democratic Rep. Susan Davis claims to have received more than 100 complaints about the suggested service reductions.

“These offices are an integral part of the community,” said Davis in a statement. “If they were to close, it would have a significant impact on the neighborhoods. These closures would also inordinately affect the elderly and people with disabilities."

Despite earlier threats, post offices in Oak Park, Point Loma, and University City will not close their doors. Locations in Escondido and Oceanside have also been spared.

In August, the USPS said it was considering closing 677 post offices around the country. The closures are part of a plan to improve the financial situation of the agency, which is projecting a net loss of more than $7 billion by the end of 2009, despite spending cuts of $6 billion.

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OK folks, we use all sorts of electronic communication tools. They are replacing things that, not so long ago, went by mail. I'll bet even the USPS makes massive use of email internally. When the business to support mail delivery and neighborhood post offices is no longer there, how can those continue? The USPS was converted by Congress into a self-supporting, non-profit corporation almost 40 years ago. The US government isn't going to subsidize the USPS any more.

If you think that a few PO closures are tough, just wait. It will get worse, much worse, as the volume mail shrinks. Get ready to lose your daily mail delivery to homes. Printed communications are going away rapidly, and that's what the PO is set up to handle.

North Park is a very large neighborhood. Can't imagine losing our Post Office. Not in the near future anyway.

I find closing two post offices in adjacent communities unacceptable. Golden Hill and North Park are both pedrestrian friendly communities. Both of these post offices always have lines, usually long ones, as there are many in these communities who don't have access to computers, e-mail, or in many cases, cars. Closing post offices in these communities is difficult for everyone but the poor, eldery and disabled will suffer the most.

Companies, and individuals who have PO boxes will also suffer. Nearby post offices don't have any empty boxes available. Companys have stationary and printed materials with their PO addresses on them. Mail, bills, grants (for non profits) and all other business mail will be disrupted causing small local businesses to suffer. This will again have a impact on the walking communities as these businesses will begin to fail leaving them nowhere so shop and do business.

If we must close post offices then close them in La Jolla and Rancho Bernardo. They already drive everywhere and most residents in those communities have electronioc options.

If you havn't written to your local and state representatives yet, do it now, before it is too late!!!

Andy Rooney just did a bizarre piece last night on the post office. It wasn't funny, or even on point.

My stepdad worked for the postal service for 35 years. And he doesn't want any of them closing, either. The problem is...they're losing billions. And they can't afford to lose billions. They need to break even. And they won't. People are doing so much email and electronic mail, that the post office is still making most of their money on "junk" mail advertisements.

They have to change how they do things.

But people also have to realize that the post office, unlike UPS or other businesses, we go deliver to some place out in the middle of nowhere...when they won't necessarily do that.

I blame the unions. With so many people out of work today,how are these guys still bitching about pay? The average postal employee makes $20.00 an hour. The unions have contracted the USPS right out of existance. As I say with the Chargeless"Let 'em go!".

The average postal employee makes $20.00 an hour.

By PistolPete

$30 an hour with benefits.

I figured it was more but couldn't find any evidence. With most jobs that pay $20 an hour,there's almost always automatic benefits.

I'm on the fence about unions. The brief time I worked a postal job, I joined the union. It kinda sucked that others didn't want to pay the $30 a month for dues, yet they were the first to run to the union when they had a problem with a boss.

But, they do so much I don't agree with. And they kept horrible employees working, when they should've been fired years previously.

I'm on the fence about unions. The brief time I worked a postal job, I joined the union.

By JoshBoard

There is nothing wrong with unions when they are forced to compete in the free and open markets.

What we have today, IMHO, in the private sector there is no longer a need for unions, and as a result less than 8% of the private sector are unionized-which is down from 35% in the 60's.

NOW, in the public sector, which is about 50% unionized, we have huge problems, because they have no competition and do not have to compete in a free and open market-and they can legally bribe elected officials who determine their pay. That is how we got the federal gov to pay TWICE what the private sector pays with benefits ($120K v $59K). And how we get GED educated FF's and cops pulling down $200K and up n CA.

And as pointed out, if you have different political views you have no say in the matter.

I've still yet to believe cops make as much as you claim, though. Otherwise, everyone would be becoming a cop!

I've still yet to believe cops make as much as you claim, though. Otherwise, everyone would be becoming a cop!

By JoshBoard

JB-How would "everyone" be allowed to become a cop? It's not like they get to hire themselves. There are currently OVER 1,000 applicants for every ONE single FF opening. There are currently OVER 100 applicants for every ONE single cop opening.

The cops do the hiring and I can guarantee you that you're not getting hired unless you're one of the groups listed below (same goes for FF), I mean these are $200K per year jobs that only require a GED, which is about 20 times the going rate for a GED employee;

1- Family (Hi Jim Duffy),

2- Friends,

3- Military workfare (at least 50%-75% come from this group) and

4- Civil rights lawsuit consent decree hires for engaging in 1 & 2 above.

What you don't seem to understand is the value of the benefits-especially the pensions- in ALL gov jobs and in these jobs particularly.. They account for AS much, and in some cases many times more, than the actual cash pay.

The 100 FF strong Orinda Moraga fire chief just "retired" at age 50, with a $284K per year pension that has 3% COLA's built into it plus free healthcare for LIFE. Average life span for a cop or FF is 81.5 years. That is a $10 million (open market value) pension. That is about 4 times MORE than this guy made in his entire 30 year FF career.

Here is a clue JB, if you have 100, 500 or 1000 applicants for a single job, that means you're over paying and can CUT the pay and benefits. Steeply.

You can keep cutting pay and benefits until you have NO ONE applying, that is the only time you will know when you have hit the market rate for the job-when the pay/benefits you offer no longer attracts applicants.

I can guarantee you that you could cut FF pay by 60%, 70% or more, and still have ready, willing and ABLE applicants.

Same goes for cops.

These are nothing more than blue collar, semi skilled, on the job training, jobs. To pay these employees MORE than a general practioner doctor, who has 10+ years of higher education from the best and brightest students in the nation, is a flat, out joke.

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