6lbs. of Sound

Feel free to judge Taintstick's debut 6lbs. of Sound by its track list. Much like Spinal Tap and Tenacious D before them, the quartet line up the clich├ęs of rock, slip them a Mickey, and have their crude way with them.

Satellite radio personality Jason Ellis leads the vulgar parody on vocals, setting the tone on opening track "Balls": "Welcome to the show/and listen as we tell you all you need to know/about chicks and fighting and moto/but mostly, check out these balls!" With 6lbs., Ellis and crew take the piss out of screaming, helium-huffing, heavy-metal acts such as 3 Inches of Blood and Judas Priest. (Ellis even does a passable job reaching the castrated heights of Rob Halford.) "Apple Juice" is a homoerotic lampoon of pop-punk acts such as Blink 182 and Good Charlotte. The track's radio-ready music could dupe a programmer who wasn't paying attention to the lyric to include it on their play list.

Some chunky riffs are provided on the apocalyptic, Planet of the Apes-inspired "Monkeys of War" and car ode "A6K." The group also pulls off some believable industrial metal on the title track.

Think a slow ballad would be too sensitive for Taintstick? On the contrary: "Load" showcases the group's "tender" side. Over a finger-picked acoustic guitar, Ellis croons "The Earth is dying/Katrina came and left so many dead/Iraqi people are forced to steal and beg" but lest you think the title refers to the weight on Ellis's shoulders, he adds, "These are things I don't care about."

There are a few smirks to be had with Taintstick's adolescent brand of shock rock. However, the group more often than not settles for crude over clever, which narrows their audience and the desire for repeat listens.

Album title: 6lbs. of Sound
Artist: Taintstick
Label: Suburban Noize Records
Songs: (1) Balls (2) 6lbs. Of Sound (3) Apple Juice (4) Motod*cK (5) Hand Job (6) Monkeys of War (7) Load (8) F*k Ur Face (9) A6K (10) Sir Eagle C*cK III (11) Dr. Banger's Mix [Remix] (12) I Love Tiger, I Love Fifty (13) F*k Ur Face [Clean Version]

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