Trouble in the Wind, Tim and the 23's, AntiQuark

Artist: Trouble in the Wind
Song: “Mr. Whiskey” (from the CD All My Hopes on a Sailing Boat)
Heard by: Elliott, North Park
When I thought the song was over, it kept going. I’d probably like this song if I was blacked-out drunk…which will probably be soon. I’d describe it as “crap rock.” It reminds me of when you’re at a party and someone breaks out the acoustic guitar and then everyone is dreading the whole time that person singing and playing guitar. All you want them to do is shut up. I think there were drums, but it’s hard to differentiate when you’re not into it. The only lyric I really heard was “Mr. Whiskey,” and it just made me want to drink more to forget about the song. I see it playing over the ending credits of a really terrible indie movie.

Artist: Tim and the 23’s
Song: “Hurricane” (from the CD dislocated)
Heard by: Aaron Elliott, City Heights
I like how it started off with the rough recording of the guitar in the background. The bass was more in the front, and I thought that was interesting and dynamic. When the guy’s voice came in, it was kind of too smooth to go along with the roughness of the guitar. I don’t know exactly how to compare it to other types of music, but that’s something that I would expect to hear on the radio and then change the station. The chorus was catchy, although the lyric they kept repeating didn’t really make sense. Again, it goes back to the type of vocals where they were a little melodic and not coarse at all. I’d probably [rate that song] a 5 or 6 out of 10.

Artist: AntiQuark
Song: “Drawer 4” (from the CD Skydancer)
Heard by: Rick Tiland
I think it’s industrial and original. It sounds almost retro ’80s with a new-age influence. I liked it a lot, actually. I’d like to know more about the artist and where they’re from. I would say they’re similar to Rob Zombie, Nine Inch Nails, maybe Tool. I think one of the lyrics was, “Leave my mansion.” The person seemed frustrated. Maybe it was a long night at a party and there were still a lot of people at the house and he just wants everyone to get out of his hair. Maybe the mansion is his head. Maybe he’s a frustrated artist who’s sick of people. I think they’re a little bit ahead of their time, so I think they might have some difficulty getting enough mainstream [exposure].

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To Rick Tiland, I am the manager of AntiQuark, thank YOU very much for this nice little review. More info on the band can be found at or also where actually the entire SkyDancer album is available for free streaming.

Sergio O., the singer, in this song actually says: "Me and my mantra ...I won't shut up". Your "mansion" interpretation is very interesting though. Best, Tiziana Fiorucci

ANTIQUARK ROCKS! Skydancer rocks! I have the album and I listen to it when i need to set a mood that will make magic happen...Have seen them several times...refined, danceable, sophisticated...just a little far one of the very best electronic acts in San Diego...

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