Resurrecting the Crucified

Formed in Fresno in 1984, the Crucified are considered pioneers of the punk-rock subgenre Christian hardcore. Despite limited exposure of the early Christian hardcore scene, the Crucified had taken the stage with punk hits D.R.I. and G.B.H. in the ’80s and heavy-metal band Pantera in the early ’90s. The band recorded and toured for nine years before breaking up in ’93 due to personal differences.

In June this year, after 16 years off the radar, the Crucified reunited. Their first show was in Diamond Bar, California, at Calvary Chapel, with guest speaker Sonny Sandoval of San Diego born-again rockers P.O.D.

While the band is preparing to leave for Oslo, Norway, to perform at Nordic Fest 2009, I caught up with guitar player and founding member Greg Minier, to talk about the Crucified’s resurrection.

“The main reason we started playing again was because we had to buy back the raw tapes to our second record. So, in order to fund that…we decided that we would play some shows, put out some T-shirts and stuff like that.” Minier, alluding to the naïvete typical to young bands, said, “We never got statements or anything like that. We were young and pretty stupid back then, and we basically got burned on both record contracts that we signed.”

As for the future of the band, “Everything else has been left open-ended…just to see what happens. No one is saying yes, and no one is saying no. It’s kind of hard with the singer and bass player being here in Southern California and the drummer and myself being up in Fresno. It’s hard to even get together and rehearse. But, if there seems to be enough interest and demand, then maybe we will…”

If the Crucified does stay together and produce new material, “[We] would probably pick up where we left off. Stylistically, it would be the same. I think that’s what the fans would want.”

The Crucified will play the Epicentre in Mira Mesa on November 14, with xLooking Forwardx, Braveheart, and Death Comes Fast. It will be their first San Diego show in 16 years. The band’s Pillars of Humanity, originally released in 1991, is set to be rereleased the following day, November 15, on Tooth & Nail Records.

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I saw these guys in 91 They blew the roof off everything, Better than most of the bands today. Welcome back guys!!!! They sold out EVERYTHING with Deliverence.

This band changed everything for me. I had just become a Christian and the church told me that the music I loved was satanic. They convinced me to burn all my punk and metal albums and listen to Michael W Smith and other Contemporary Christian acts. I was so turned off by the cheese of everything that I forgot about the wonderful counter cultural rebel that Jesus was (the very thing that attracted me to Jesus). My friend took me to see the Crucified and that night I was reborn. I watched these 4 guys stand on stage play fast tight and stand boldly yet humbly for their faith. They made me proud to be associated with Jesus again.

Pastor Shawn Beaty Generation Church Oceanside

Im far from a believer in Jesus. But however I do know good music, I went to see Deicide one night and the Crucifoed the next night, Satanic band ,then a christian band Its all the same to me.

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