Josh Damigo and Rob Deez

“Sugar,” by Josh Damigo and Rob Deez, was the most downloaded MP3 from SDReader.com during the month of April. Follows is an interview with the duo.

Sounds as if you’ve got a Jack Johnson–meets-spoken-word style going on here with this song. What inspired it?

Rob: I would say it was inspired by Jack Johnson and spoken word. But seriously, I was just hoping to get a couple phone numbers. That’s why I do music.

Josh: I’m pretty sure we wrote the chorus and decided we should just tell a story about going out and picking up chicks. By combining my hooks and Rob’s lyrical style, “Sugar” came into the world at 3 minutes and 40 ounces.

The “Macarena” makes an appearance in “Sugar.” What made you put that in?

Rob: That’s what she said. What’s the “Macarena”?

Josh: The chord progression has been used in hundreds of songs. We usually alternate between the “Macarena” and “Mmmmbop.”

How does the “sugar” line work on women outside of the song?

Rob: It doesn’t work at all. I’m single, and I like chicks that read. Wink, wink.

Josh: I usually don’t have to use the line.… I usually just hum a couple bars of “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid and I’m set.

Download “Sugar”

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