Hey, Balla, get on the sticks

Can it be old words? Because I use balla a lot. A “balla” is a player; you know, like, someone who’s good at something. Another one is get on the sticks. “Get on the sticks” means get on the X-Box. Because we all play online, we’ll call each other and be, like, “get on the sticks!” It’s like telling someone to hurry up because we’re all getting ready to play. I don’t know, I just kinda use old ones like boo and homie and kicks. [“Boo” means girlfriend. “Kicks” are shoes.]

Skylar | Age: 19 | Occupation: Student | Lives in: North Park

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I'm only 31, but it's cool to see today's youngsters using slang that was & still is cool. This whole new generation of slang is based on the internet with their "blogs" & "twitters" & crap like that. Keep it old school & keep it real! Way to go, young balla Skylar!!

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