Trademark dispute

A local member of the feared Mongols Motorcycle Club, a Latino gang with upwards of 600 members in seven states and four countries, wants his colors back. Last October, following an 86-count indictment of 79 Mongols on a host of charges including murder, arms trafficking, drug dealing, hate crimes, and money laundering, a federal judge barred members of the gang from wearing or distributing its infamous logo — featuring a ponytailed biker astride a chopper. Using the order, cops have begun confiscating clothes and motorcycles with the image, and the government is seeking permanent forfeiture of the logo’s trademark, owned by the club.

But San Diego County resident Ramon Rivera, a Mongol who was not charged in the indictment, argues his First and Fifth Amendment rights are being violated by the ban. “As a Club member, Rivera participates in social and charitable events organized by the Club and its chapters in the San Diego area,” says his complaint, filed by a lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union in federal court here last week. “The social events include barbecues, outings, and funerals. The charitable events include collecting toys for disadvantaged children and delivering dog food to a local humane society.” Rivera argues that wearing the logo “symbolizes unity and brotherhood with his friends and fellow Club members, most of whom are low-income and Latino, and represents their struggle for recognition and equality.”

Defendants include Ronnie Carter, acting director of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and Attorney General Eric Holder. According to the suit, “A National City police officer informed Rivera that ATF agents had told the officer that if the agents saw anyone wearing items displaying the Image while attending a funeral in National City, the agents would ask National City Police Department officers to confiscate those items.”

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support your American Civil Liberties Union

Give everyone their bikes and all their property back what the hell is going on with police and courts stealing personal property?

I saw a lot of pictures of very nice motorcycles owned by Mongol members . A lot of pride and hard work went into those bikes.

Mongol jackets look cool and they support a lot of good causes and it seems to be a great brotherhood.

I cannot believe how unfair the police and courts treat Mongol MC members.

I read many stories in the newspapers how Mongols were sent to jail for something the Rest of the world would consider self defense.

its a shame and its very obvious that this club has had their Civil rights violated in many ways .

Good Luck Mongols I hope to see you all over the USA and the World.

I guess if the Mongols were white and worship satan like the Pagans or Hells Angels they would be ok. Another example of how racist America is and will always be!!!! Keep riding Mongols.

As a former member of the alians in New Jersey turned New York Hells Angel I had many fights, at bike shows in Ohio, bars, Electric Circus. and more as an x biker cluber I never worshiped satan, did drugs, started fights, sold drugs ,the ones who say real bikers are trouble do not know us we defend our colors and bikes to death. I am 63 years old and will always fly my colors in my heart AFFA being an ex cluber I can tell you the police and news can say and do any thing they please, the world needs to know that we stay by our selves, the partys of troubel come to us not us to them . and when somthing does happen we do fight and do it right if your blood spills like in nevada, i am sure that we as peple have only heard what the police and news want . in order to end a nother place bikers can go .

I have been following the DOJ's move to take ownership of the Mongol's trademarks, and I agree with the ACLU.

I'm no fan of the Mongols, or the Hells' Angels, but if DOJ can get away with this bald faced money grab on the Mongols it will open the door to DOJ doing it to anyone.

I don't see DOJ going after the names or trademarks of Fortune 500 companies when they pled or are convicted of crimes-so why the Mongols? It is a very dangerous and slippery slope.

This is a topic that effects each and everyone of us whether you are a biker or not. You might sit back and say " damn bikers , they are criminals and deserve it!" but the outcome of this matter will directly effect our rights and freedoms. Below is a poem written by Martin Niemoller .

When the Nazis came for the communists, I remained silent; I was not a communist. Then they locked up the social democrats, I remained silent; I was not a social democrat.

Then they came for the trade unionists, I did not speak out; I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, I did not speak out; I was not a Jew.

When they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me

our 1st Amendment states: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Making a hand gesture of a Peace sign or wearing a Peace insignia on your shirt is also a form of symbolic speech.

Here is another thing to ponder: Freedom of association is the individual right to come together with other individuals and collectively express, promote, pursue and defend common interests.

What if your Church or social group was banned or it's members were harrased, detained and or jailed?

As I said earlier, these are items that our government are imposing on the MONGOLS M.C. now and tommorrow it could be you. Support your local Mongols M.C. because you might not like them or the way they are portrayed in the media , but they are fighting for your rights, my rights and every other American's rights. M.F.F.M. T.REX * SUPPORT BLACK & WHITE NATION

I completely agree with T_REX:

What our government is trying to imposes on the MONGOLS M.C. now could be YOU tomorrow!!! Support your local Mongols M.C. because you might not like them or the way they are portrayed in the media , but they are fighting for your rights, my rights and every other American's rights.


I think what the DOJ is doing to the Mongols M.C. is wrong! The club is only protecting their right as Americans. We all have the freedom of expression. The DOJ is violating the 1st and 5th ammendment of the club by taking away their cut. The United State is known as the land of the free, so why can't a MOTORCYCLE CLUB not a GANG express themselves with their cuts? This just proves the injustice in the country.

Everyone should support the fight the Mongols are fighting for the simple reason that they are fighting for the rights of everyone who lives in this country. There can't be any grey area when it comes to our rights. It should be only BLACK & WHITE. Either you can be free to express yourself in any way as it is protected in the Constitution, or take everything away. If the DOJ and people envolved in this injust act follows through with this act they should do it accross the board. take ALL logos away from everyone and everything, including themselves! At this time, the act is affecting the Mongols and the people around them. If we let it continue, anyone can be next.

The Mongols are fighting for what our ancestors fought and died for in the battles and wars of the past, our right for be FREE! Love this country or leave it. If you appriciate all the freedom one has living in this country, you will support the Mongols M.C and their fight. It doesn't matter if you are a biker, teacher, cop, or preist. This fight isn't about bikers, it's about protecting our rights as Americans and being able to execute our freedom of expression.


There can't be any grey area when it comes to our rights. It should be only BLACK & WHITE.

AZTLAN, tell me why, if you want everything in black and white, please tell me why the Mongols are a hispanic MC and don't allow whites or blacks (or anyone besides hispanics) to join and be Mongols......

The club is mostly hispanic but I know for a fact that they do have members of other races.

you're missing the point of the article.It's about the fight for rights, not the types of members a club has, surfpup

you're missing the point of the article.It's about the fight for rights, not the types of members a club has, surfpup


No, Im, not missing the point.

I said already the gov trying to take the Mongols trademark is a slippery slope and violates 1st Amendment rights.

But I thought it was odd you also said it was not right, when the Monogols are a pure hispanic club/group/whatever, which is also a violation of civil rights because Mongols exclude people based on race.

Well, let's see here, poor little Ramon Rivera.....A FOLLOWER AND NOT A LEADER wants his lame azz patch back.... Trust is not bought and in the case of these guys it was. GREED! These guys are too stupid to even have the rights to wear their lame looking patch! And where the heck did they wear it anyways? CODE WHATEVER! Maybe they should have done some better homework on the law before acting like punk azzez to EVERYONE! Plain and simple they are too ignorant to be allowed to have it back....stupid azzez!

Caakaa: You speak of ignorance yet you do not grasp the concept of what is happening here. If we begin allow the government to take our freedoms, then what will be next, our right to vote? This case affects us all. It means that an entire organization or group can be striped for there freedoms because of the actions of a few. So if someone is a member of the Elks lodge or an animal rights group and some other members do something illegal, then that should give the Government the right to punish the rest? So the actions of few affect many. If you can not understand this then you are the last one that should be criticizing someone that has the guts to stand up for what he believes in, and in a way is helping us all. He is showing the Government this is still a free country and we still stand up for our beliefs. Please think before you open your mouth. All you have stated are insults and have resorted to name calling like a child. Who are you to judge people you do not know and can not even post an intelligent thought?

"AZTLAN" who are YOU to judge me? Out of the few hundred members or so, you think they didn't know what was going on with their fierce leader Rueben Cavasos? How about all the television footage of every Mongirl cheering him on as he spreads his propaganda? He looked like Jim Jones telling all his followers to drink the kool aide. Video speaks for itself. So don't try to talk to me about freedoms. If you can't see the freedoms then you are just as much of an idiot as the rest of them. This has nothing to do with taking the right to vote away. The dope money you lames were giving to your fierce leader in the "Mother Charter" were all being laundered through the club.....with 4 FEDS who personally witnessed it. Those "rights" should be taken away from anyone who is dumb enough to buy the tickets to the wolf show!!!!!!!!

oh and after reading your post (#8) you definately are an idiot trying to be all smart. Maybe you should defend Ramon Rivera and the rest of your club in court Dr. Know!!!!!

and are full of scheisse yourself. First of all, the Alien Nomads are the ones who became N.Y.C. Hells Angels. There are only two original N.Y.C. members left in the club. Quit stealing other true warrior stories and making them your own. You and I both know you weren't part of sheisse at the Polish Women's Hall!

caakaa, Upon reading your dim-witted ramblings I have come to the conclusion that your on-line screen name fits you and your intellect best.

What "ONE"? explain to me what's dim witted? Because I actually have an opinion about what I've seen? Dim witted is all of you lame azz Mongirls Mogirl'm on!

As I stated earlier, DIM-WITTED! Why don't you read your last reply back to yourself and then go look in the mirror.Then ask yourelf, am I a DIM-WIT or CAAKAA?

O.K. "ONE" like I said, my opinion is my opinion. I'm allowed to have it just like you. Because I don't agree with you lames doesn't make me "DIM WITTED" and this article about the Mongols is exactly why I have the moniker "CAAKAA". I remember seeing the Mongirls bullying a black guy in a wheelchair at a bowling alley in Modesto. I remember seeing the Mongirls bullying people as they walked down the street in Laughlin 2002! So go f yourself. BULLY! Just be happy with your new "Black and White Nation" patch with the diamond 1% center piece you all know nothing about.

it seems that you are an expert on such matters, the you must be still waiting on that big phone call from Discovery channel's " GANGLAND" t.v show to give your educated and insightful knowledge? Maybe you should change your on-line name to HAAHAA.

I don't have to call Gangland, you guys already did...HAAHAA!

yea, ONE, I'm just a regular payaso!

o.k. are just as guilty for participating!

You are right; you have the right to have your own opinion and the right to express it. Who am I to judge you? No one, you’re right and that’s the point! You have that right, as we all do, even if I do not agree with you. Everyone has that right. You call names and insult yet you use, what appears to be your own biases to criticize an entire group and why? You still fail to realize the impact this can have on everyone, including the group you do support. Write what you want, say what you want, continue calling names, which has only proven that you have not thought this situation through. In will no longer respond to anything you post, and I invite others to do the same. You appear to only want to get a rise out of people and that is a waste of time. PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS!!!!!!



boo-hoo. Now you sound like a 14 yr. old kid. you must have computer lab time at your adult continuation school.The point of the story is that their rights that are the same rights that we have are being attacked, it seems like you don't really care about that and your more interested in flaunting your opinion. O.K. Mr.Fancy Pants let's say that now the government wants to supress your opinion, that's right! Take away your right of freedom of expression. THATS IS THE ISSUE AT HAND, YOU BIG DUMMY!

Again, you gave up that right! I see HOG members wearing a patch and doing things the right way! Why can't you do the same. Their patch isn't under attack because they are not doing anything guilty. You fools are all guilty. Especially after being video taped at your national rally events talking all your $hit. So, call me a big dummy, but you all look like the biggest dummy's!

Oh, and ONE, AZLAN, whichever one you are, you must have the same time I do on my hands. Oh, that's right, you think you are better than everyone bad

god, I'm so glad you finally agree with me! you finally admit you think you are above everyone else, may your lame Mongol patch be worn by the FEDS at the water cooler high fiving each other laughing at you lames!

Look a brotherhood of bikers is great. A brotherhood means ALL bikers hould at least try to repect ALL people who ride. Now I had a friend who had his bike stolen by a "Mongol" what kind of repect do you give a person or a club that steals someones bike. Dont confuse fear with repect. Stealing motorcycles doesn't earn respect.

I know I'm commenting on some ancient story, but I can't resist. I say we let them keep their patches but we run over all their bikes with a dumptruck. Then they can just be a regular gang of criminal losers, and we won't have to suffer permanent hearing loss every time they roar by. God I hate those fags.

Panzerfaust. Bazooka. Das ist Deutsch. Fantastisch. Vielen Dank.

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