High and dry

Yet another local recession victim: the San Diego office of the National Marine Manufacturers Association, producer of the annual San Diego Boat Show, is being shuttered, and future shows may be canceled. “The recreational boating industry is facing a new economy, and NMMA is taking the necessary steps to adapt to these changes and position the industry for future growth,” spokesman Ben Wold said in a statement. ... A potentially controversial proposal to relocate the National Marine Fisheries Service Southwest Fisheries Science Center in La Jolla is up for discussion by University of California regents at their monthly meeting next week. In January, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reviewed the project’s environmental impact report: “The proposed facility’s roof will include a photovoltaic farm and a green roof planted with vegetation. While we commend this proposal, we have concerns regarding impacts to air quality from construction emissions. We also have concerns regarding mitigation for impacts to Diegan coastal sage scrub, a sensitive vegetative community, and request additional information regarding cumulative impacts to this resource.”

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