Space Chimps Travesty

I overheard a woman say she didn’t see The Reader because she thought it would be too depressing. She then mentioned visiting concentration camps in the ’70s and talked about how when she toured them it felt as if she had been there before. She said she knew things before she was told what they were. I leaned into my girlfriend and said, “Is she implying that she had a past life or is psychic? Or am I missing something?” She elbowed me because my whispering was loud.

I noticed the napkin I had my brownies on read, “Congrats Grad.” I glanced at the table and saw forks with “2000” on them. I looked at the cup my sparkling cider was in — a New Year’s cup. Leslie saw me inspecting it and said, “Hey…they were all left over from previous parties, and I thought this was the perfect time to get rid of them.”

I agreed. Although, if the Oscars weren’t on the big screen, I would’ve been confused about what party I was reporting on.

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