Meanbuggin', Weeble, and Wolf Tickets

Meanbuggin’ is when you start starin’ at someone and you’re lookin’ at ’em bad. Another one is weeble. A weeble is, like, someone who’s comin’ up, but they’re not officially made yet. Like, you introduce them like, “This is my weeble.” They’re like a protégé. And another one is wolf ticket. A wolf ticket is, like, when someone says they’re going to do something and they don’t do it. If someone’s always promising to do something or bring something over and they never do it, that’s a wolf ticket.

Joey Bazzi | Age: 24 | Occupation: Cash Register Refresher | Lives in: Rancho San Diego

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Jeez, I remember those weebles from when I was a kid!!!!!

Talk about retro~

It's not meanbuggin' it's meanmuggin' get your slang straight people!!! Wolf tickets man we were saying that in the early 90's. You just now hearing and using that in 2009 , where the hell you been at? Get out the cave man. I guess your a weeble at these slang terms. Comin' from Rancho San Diego yall not street hip just a bunch of wanksta!!

That's right, it's MEAN MUGGIN', like you put on a mean look on your mug (mug = face). I like how slang words get hacked up when they are used only a few neighborhoods away. I used to use "road dog" back in the early 90's & then I heard some teeny boppers calling each other "roll dog" at the mall. Good looking out, SpliffAdamz!

Yeah, we used the slang term "road dog" in the early nineties too. That was a looong time ago.

meanMuggin'!!! not buggin' ERRRR! get it stright yo'

"Weebles wobble but they don't fall down!"

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