Loved Mondays

I have been shown the door due to “downsizing.” Or financial reorganization. Or fiscal re-evaluation. Or any other softer, kinder way of saying, “Sorry! We had good intentions when you signed on, and you performed well, but we are running out of money, so...we’ll stay and you go.”

It’s a bear to wake up and see other people going to work. I am one of those rare employees who loved Monday mornings and was truly grateful to be there. As a man, it really hits hard mentally and seems to have a tremendous effect on my sense of status as provider and as a rock of security for my wife...who, by the way, has been supportive and understanding beyond any expectation I could have had.

I have to wake up each day and choose my attitude about being out of work, but in a much bigger way, and as a Christian, I truly have to hand it over and let go. Thy will be done. And it will be, as long as I don’t fall into a pajama funk and watch Leave It to Beaver all day.

My plans are to try and find a career-continuing position and not take just anything to make ends meet. Though I will if I have to. I’m now a valued customer of the 99-cent menu.

The biggest lesson learned is that I really never do know what tomorrow can bring and to continue to love all and trust few.

— John Denhart, Carmel Valley

Tell us the story of your being laid off in the tanking economy and we will publish it and pay you ($50 for 250 words).

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