Derek Papa, Pillbox Remedy, and Plow

Artist: Plow
Song: “Sunday Sadir” (from their self-titled CD)
Heard By: Adrian Keenan, Ocean Beach
I thought it was really interesting — a kind of old, folksy-sounding song. It was very reminiscent of the late-1800s or so. It was purely instrumental. I heard a violin, a banjo in the background, and some acoustic guitar. It was very fast-paced and driving. I got the visual of someone riding on a horse through the desert. I thought the musicianship was very high quality. For a specific audience, I think they could be successful. It’d probably go really well in a movie, too. It’s definitely a good soundtrack piece for a western or something of that nature. I’d give that song a nine out of ten.

Artist: Derek Papa
Song: “I Will Get to You” (from the CD I Will Get to You)
Heard By: N’Hari, North Park
I thought it was kind of slow. I felt like he was trying too hard to be “deep.” I’m talking about the lyrics — the music was not bad. I thought it was kind of folksy, and it reminded me of Leonard Cohen. The lyrics seem to be about this girl, and if he had her, all the things he would do for her, metaphorically. I could hear a guitar and a harp — those were the two things in the music that struck me. I could see this guy having a good local following. I’ve been to a few open-mike nights at Mueller College and Twiggs...he could probably get on stage.

Artist: Pillbox Remedy
Song: "Anne Janine’s Last Stand” (from the CD Go On, Take the Scissors and Run)
Heard By: Morgan McDaniel, North Park
I liked it. I think it’s catchy, and it would definitely do well with the indie crowd. It was just acoustic guitar and vocals. The lyrics were observations about a girl and her story. It was airy, bright, and carefree. I thought it had a likeness to a lot of indie artists like Rooney or the Thrills but with acoustic guitar, so maybe Elliott Smith, too. I’ve been to a lot of festivals like Austin City Limits, and you hear a lot of stuff like this — Rilo Kiley, Kaiser Chiefs — bands that are kind of known to that certain demographic. I think it would have potential to maybe go more mainstream.

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