Twilight Series

What are you reading?

“I just started the first book of the The Twilight Series. My sister has been telling me to read them. I’m actually a Harry Potter fan — I just finished all seven books in two months, and I honestly never read until I started them. My sister is a reader — she reads everything — and she bought me the first book for Christmas. I couldn’t stop after that.”

Tell me about the Harry Potter story.

“It’s about a wizard — he finds out he’s a wizard when he’s 11 years old. He goes to this wizard school, and the whole story is pretty much him trying to fight the wizard who killed his parents.”

Any favorite characters?

“Probably Sirius Black. He’s supposed to be this bad guy in the third book, but then Harry finds out he’s a good guy — he’s actually Harry’s godfather. It’s amazing how he takes care of Harry and is always there for him. He’s like the father figure that Harry probably needed.”

Who is your favorite author?

“I really just started reading. Even in school, I wouldn’t read the book — I would copy other people’s homework. I was never a reader — I couldn’t get into books. I like fantasies and magical stuff, stuff that doesn’t happen in real life, and I tried reading books like that. I even read a book, The Water Mirror, by Kai Meyer. There was a girl in it; she was an orphan and she went to live in Venice with this person who made mirrors, and these mirrors led to other worlds. There was a talking lion in a cage, and a bunch of weird stuff that I don’t remember — it was a few years ago. I tried reading The Chronicles of Narnia, but I couldn’t get into them. I tried reading the first one. The characters were younger; it was really childish. The first two Harry Potter books were pretty childish, too, but I think the author noticed that her readers were getting older and started writing for older readers. And the characters were getting older, having relationships and stuff like that.”

So now you’re reading Twilight.

“I just saw the movie, so I figured I’d start reading the series. The second movie in the series hasn’t come out yet, so after reading the first volume, I’m going to read the second one and hopefully get into it. I can’t really relate to the characters — Bella is really quiet and dark, and the other main character, Edward, is just the same. I’m really a brighter person. But it’s interesting to me how the kids at her new school are fascinated with her. Because she’s from Arizona, she’s supposed to be this sunny, bright girl with a tan — they look at her as this amazing, gorgeous girl, and she’s really not.”

What magazines or newspapers do you read?

“None. My mom has CNN as the first page you get when you click on the internet, so I get my news there.”

Do you talk to your sister about what you’re reading?

“All the time. The first thing she told me about Twilight was that I might not like the books because the writer is writing weird. In the beginning of the book, I noticed that she was using words like ‘inconsequential’ and ‘omnipresent’ when she could have used different, smaller words. I even asked my mom, ‘What does that mean?’ I don’t know, it just wasn’t necessary to use them. But as I’m reading more, I find she stops using them. In Harry Potter, I understood everything. There were words you’d never heard of because it was about a different world, but the book explained them.”

Name: Jessica Davis | Age: 21 | Occupation: Stay-At-Home Mom
Neighborhood: La Mesa | Where interviewed: Coin Laundry in La Mesa

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