A Static Charge

Chula Vista Deputy Mayor John McCann wants the San Diego Chargers to build a new stadium in Chula Vista. During the past few years, the councilmember has gone on the offensive to get the team to commit to Chula Vista; he heads a Chargers stadium subcommittee, speaks to Chargers representatives, and has gone on record trying to convince his fellow councilmembers to huddle up and work as a team to help draw the Chargers to Chula Vista. McCann estimates the revenues created by having a professional football team in the city would be in the tens of millions.

But now that McCann, a reserve officer in the Navy, is getting deployed to Iraq for a year, his fellow city councilmembers are scaling back their efforts.

“I think that over-politicizing this issue doesn’t do a lot of good for the community,” said McCann during Tuesday’s council meeting. “I’ll respect the decision if the council doesn’t want to do it, but we need to be very careful of not allowing a good business deal to be treated in a shabby fashion. Let’s not make it a political issue; let’s look at it as a business issue.”

In recent years, representatives from the Chargers have expressed interest in building a new stadium on San Diego Bay at the site of the South Bay Power Plant, but that plant is still in use and it could be some time before the aging plant is decommissioned and before plans for a new stadium move forward.

“If that’s the proposal, it’s not in the City of Chula Vista, it’s in the Port of San Diego,” said Chargers subcommittee member and councilmember Steve Castaneda during Tuesday’s meeting. “Mr. McCann will be gone for an extended period of time...and even if the council wants to keep the lights on with this subcommittee, I’m not sure where we would go. Clearly, the ball is in the court of the San Diego Chargers. If they believe that they have a future in Chula Vista, they need to come before this body and the people of Chula Vista.

“Mr. McCann has been very enthusiastic about the possibility,” added Castaneda. “I frankly believe they should stay at Qualcomm, but that’s a business decision for them.”

After comments from the other councilmembers, it was obvious that after McCann leaves for Iraq, the sitting councilmembers will likely disband the subcommittee and wait for the Chargers to approach the City with a detailed plan.

“I think it would be a good idea to suspend the committee,” said councilmember Pamela Bensoussan. “It’s been over two years and nothing has happened. [Councilmember McCann] refers to this as a good business deal, but this good business deal has not been vetted, it has not been proposed, and it has not been defined. Let’s be realistic. We’re not going to suddenly have a project and the power plant is suddenly going to go away.”

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I wasn't quoting ST to back up my argument against relationships. I did to counter SDaniels saying I was a nutcase. I guess according to her,a woman who trashes someone's car for cheating is ok but murdering and burying that woman in the desert for doing so is not. I'm the nutcase but therealstoryteller isn't? Welcome to Jerry Seinfeld's Bizzar-O World.

And how in the f--k do you snarl something online?

Pete, you have to know that many of your responses here do come off extremely racist and misogynist in nature. It invites people to respond very negatively to anything you say, regardless of the content. In other words, once you plant a seed and water it a little, something grows and people will judge you for what sprouts. If you are truly a racist and truly hate women, then you reap what you sow.

Most people are not going to say, "Well, sure, Pete's a racist and he hates women, but he certainly has a lot of other wonderful things to contribute."

Humans aren't wired to be that duplicit. If you aren't a racist and you aren't a misogynist, and maybe you posture that way in order to prove a point, then you might want to preface that fact at the start. Otherwise, you're not going to get much sympathy from most people here or anywhere else.

If the bolts were a winning franchise or had real fans that go to their games , we wouldn't be talking about the team moving!! Instead the bolts got fans that only represent them and go to the games when they got a winning record!!! But if the bolts leave $an Diego , this city will look even more pathetic!!! $an Diego the only major city in Cali with no pro basketball or pro football team!!! We already got a bunch of fake azz laker fans in $D , so when the charger leave are all the fake bolt fans going to try and be RAIDER or SF fans now?? Don't tell me you fake azz bolt fans are about to turn in your blue and yellow for silver and black or red and gold colors?? Listen to me all you fake bolt fans the RAIDER NATION don't want your sorry azz and i'm pretty sure the 49ers don't want your sorry azz either!!!!

I would have said it nicer than "SpliffAdamz", but the guy is so right. I am from LA and a huge Raiders fan, we still root for the Raiders and they have not played in LA for 15 years and have not been a good team for 6 years but we are still loyal. I went to the Unviersal City Walk Raider Image store to get autographs and there must have been thousands of old school LA Raider fans there. I still know of hundreds of LA Rams fans too, even though they are disappearing. Now I went to SD Chargers games when they were sad 1999 to 2003, no Cherger fans were in sight, the only fans present were from the oppossing teams. During Raider games Qualcomm would be 70% Raider fans...So I agree with SpliffAdamz, you guys don't care for your Chargers unless they are winning which is only about 4 years out of every decade they have been around...Let them move to LA, that way at least they will be in the 2nd largest TV market in North America, SD you had your chances. Even if you build a stadium you won't be successful, most of So Cals business are found in te LA area not the SD area, sorry Bolt fans but you suck and stop rooting for our Lakers, your not LA, thanks goodness your not...

Spliff and Nirpal, F off and die! Nice grammar Spliff. I have read post by post from you and only when you talk about the "gangsta" Raiders do you lower your self to such BS street "ebonics." You big time thug, you. Oh no, don't pull your gat out on me. You are the same guy that makes my dinner aren't you? And Nirpal, you probably serve it to me with a smile on your face so I will leave your menial, uneducated ass a 20% tip. You can take your Raiders, Niners, and Lakers, and shove them all up your ample, rotund asses. We will get a stadium built, and you will continue to lose to us for the next 20 years. GO CHARGERS!

Wow!!! someone finally got some hair on their rotten smelly puzzy to say something!!! Hey cabber69 when you stop only wearing LT jersey then come talk to me!!! Because if you and these other sorry azz wanna be chargers were REAL FANS they wouldn't be leaving!!! Your sorry azz team wouldn't still have a black out clause when they don't sell out their home games!!!! They have to give away tickets just to get people to even want to think about going to jack murphy stadium!!! You sound just like a typical stupid azz person from SD who thinks everyone who likes the RAIDER NATION is a gangsta!! Thanks for the complement though , i've never been told i was a gangsta only a revolutionary!!! Even if they do build a stadium the sorry azz chrgers will never win a super bowl!!! SD home to the band wagon wanna be fans who only route for the team when the win!!! Everyone don't put ya jersey back in the closet when they start losing again for another decade again , because the last time the chargers were in the super bowl was in 1995 and that's over 14 years ago and we still counting bytches!!! I guess lighting really don't strike in the same place twice huh??? The RAIDERS got a nation of fans , while the chargers can't even find a city that want them!!! So cabber69 get DEEZ NUTZ BYTCH!!!!

Oh and don't worry for a puzzy like you i don't need a gat , i'll just put my foot so far in ya azz that my shoe laces will be stickin out!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Well...you know what's crazy about all this? (and please, don't anyone think I'm jumping to Pete's side, I'm just trying to make a point here)

If Pete says a woman should be buried in the desert for keying a car, everyone thinks that's such an extreme statement.

Yet, nobody seems to think it's extreme that a scorned woman keys a car to get even.

I think there was even a #1 hit on the charts a few years back (maybe a country song, I can't remember), about a woman that catches her man cheating, and so she thrashes his car.

And everyone thinks this song is just so cute.


When that American kid was arrested in Singapore, for vandalizing cars...he was going to get 25 lashes. And Bill Clinton tried to say this was cruel and unusual punishment, and it became this big story.


I think this is perfect punishment.

Not if the kid was 10-years-old, but at his age (I believe he was 18 or 19), he should've known better. And, I guarantee a whipping like that, he'll know next time (at least in Singapore).

SDaniels is correct. I've been a dishwasher too, Pete.

I joined the military at 17 to escape from a very bad neighborhood and dismal opportunities.

Working hard is what made me different from the rest of my family.

Now I get to travel all over the world as a specialist in my field. I was interviewed by the BBC a few weeks ago, asking about my profession.

Yet none of these things have anything to do with my point, which is that football and other professional sports have arrogated themselves into an undeserved and unearned place where even daring to question them unleashes the hounds of hell...when in fact they are NOT healthy for society, our cities, or our young people. On the contrary, they are a potentially fatal distraction from real life.

Okay, I've got work to do now. (You'll notice by the time that I'm on another continent at the moment.)

One last comment...Refried, it's an adjective, not an adverb. And nouns don't become verbs because of plurality -- they just get 's' on the end.

Using "audible" as a verb makes as much sense as saying, "He edibels lunch."



Yeah, it's an adjective, whatever, I didn't pay as much attention to that as to my point that language evolves, whether we like it or not.

For example, horses no longer champ at the bit, they now chomp at it. This is what happens.

"On the contrary, they are a potentially fatal distraction from real life."

Funny,Fred. I see just the opposite in politics. I'll give you an example....

9/11-HUGE f--king story. Governments counter-point? LOOK! Gay Iraqis will nuclear bombs!!!! America's reaction? Let's bomb the s--t out of them! That way,I don't have to think about the fact that our government systematically murdered 1,000's of my fellow citizens to justify the taking of our civil liberties. My reaction? F--kin' a$$holes! I need a beer and some football.

If I was therealstoryteller's ex-BF and she keyed my car because I cheated on her,I'd pissed but I would bury her in the desert. therealstoryteller said she TRASHED his car. HUGE difference. Keying a car means a new paint job. Think of the movie Christine when Buddy Repperton TRASHED Arnie's car. That's what she implied.

I'm not mysogynistic. I just have a pair of balls and I'm not afraid to not put up with women's head games. I'm not racist either. I treat people the way I see they deserve to be treated.

"I'm not mysogynistic. I just have a pair of balls and I'm not afraid to not put up with women's head games."

Yes, you are misogynistic, and mentally ill. You speak of women's head games. All people are capable of playing games, and apparently you've played some deadly ones.

I can't believe it is up to me alone to state the obvious: no one deserves to be murdered and buried in the desert--or held up at gunpoint.

Josh may be stuck scratching his head over the gravity of a woman vandalizing a car vs. a man murdering a woman, but he seems to have forgotten that you are also a self-confessed felon, imprisoned for armed robbery. Perhaps he'd like to contrast that extreme to a child stealing a penny candy from a drugstore--and recommend 25 lashes.

Btw, Pete, your boy-parts must be sore from constantly lifting them up to show us. When the nurse comes back, you might want to ask her for some non-petroleum jelly.

Pete, you're missing the concept of proportionality.

Trashing a car is just not bad enough to warrant a death sentence, and you know it.

I suspect you're engaging in a bit of exageration to make your point here. So I won't add to the previous comments on that...

...but when you say politics is a distraction, a game if you will, while sports are important, well, Mr. Pistol, you're missing the point.

Unfortunately the clowns we elect to make important decisions are very real, relevant, and potentially deadly to all of us. Consider that in San Diego those jerkwads in power screwed us all financially by hiding behind the Padres and Chargers. It's precisely because idiots were told that games were the same as infrastructure that John Moores has been able to steal half a billion dollars from San Diego with complete impunity.

That's real. That's serious. That's affecting lives.

When some sports team wins or loses...so what?

When the city runs out of money for ambulances, people die. The relatives of those who die because the city is broke ought to find fat cat Moores and spit in his ugly face.

Proportionality would suggest that Moores (along with former city manager McGrory and corrupt mayor Golding) ought to forfeit their ill-got gains and be imprisoned.

(Not shot and dumped in the desert, pleasant though that image is in all our minds. We gotta strive for reciprocal proportionality...get it Pete? And since we can't line up the entire city to methodically, energetically, and endlessly sodomise these political scum to the point of utter hopelessness, their life imprisonment seems the best alternative.)

If we had even a fraction of the passion for justice that you profess for sports, people like this wouldn't be roaming free today, continuing to profit from theft.

Politics does matter. But does it matter enough for justice to be served in San Diego?

Ever since I moved out here 4 years ago,I've heard nothing but the same bulls from Chargeless fans-"19-0"(my personal favorite),"SUPER BOWL BABY!!!"(Yeah! And pigs might fly out my a$$ too) and "This is our year". It's like listening to a retarded parrot squawk the same bulls over and over. My team has sold EVERY single home game since 19ph***ing60! Having a playoff game blacked out is pathetic to say the least. It's a good thing the SD-UT bought those remaining 350+ tickets that day or you guys would look like national douchebags instead of just local.

It's your 50th anniversary this year and the only pride you ph***ers claim is:

1-1963 Oh boy! A phing AFL bubblegum ring nobody gives a s about....


2-Beating the Steelers to go to the Super Bowl and look like a$$holes on the worldwide stage.

You guys need a new patch for your 50th. It should look like this:A side profile of Philip "Cry Me A" Rivers with a pair of black & silver gloves choking him and a big orange & blue c*** right above his open mouth.

It's funny. Every year I've seen the Chargeless go to the playoffs,I've seen a sea of powder blue jerseys. And every year when they choke,I see them all disappear. I wear my football team's gear every ph***ing day. Whether it be a baseball hat or a jersey or a shirt or even gloves when it gets chilly.

The Chargeless are a bunch of whiny,overpaid thugs who can't hang with a real football team. The fans are completely delusional to even think their team win the big dance.

Watching SB XLII was hilarious. I thought Chargeless fans' head's would explode-"Do we root for the QB who made us look like douchebags 2 years in a row or do we root for the QB who wanted no part of our sorry team?"

Spliff! You're a RAIDER fan?!?! Pick me up off the floor! I never would have guessed!

Now that you put it into perspective,Fred,I couldn't agree more. If the Packers were no longer a football team,would it break my heart? No. I'd be a bit sad but it wouldn't affect my daily life any different. Your point is one more reason why I love my Green Bay Packers. They are the only public owned sports team in the country and maybe even the world. You won't find a 50th of the bulls--t that happens in this city going on in little old Green Bay,WI. Maybe that's why The Chargeless and Padres will never win a major Championship.....Too much politics involved for the city as a whole to really give a s--t about them? I kind of wish the Padres and Chargeless would go away via the Clippers and take their delusional fans with them. I grew up hearing stories about how cool this town is. This town is about as cool as hanging out with the retarded kid.

And SDaniels,before you go judging me,there was a perfectly good reason why I robbed that Hardee's at knifepoint(I've never held a gun and I don't want to). Fred was dead on. He was smart enough to understand the point that obviously didn't penetrate that feminism shield you call a skull.

I don't think Spliff is a fan of any football team. I could be wrong,but from reading what he wrote,I didn't get that he was a Raiders fan.

Pete, Spliff said "You sound just like a typical stupid azz person from SD who thinks everyone who likes the RAIDER NATION is a gangsta!! Thanks for the complement though , i've never been told i was a gangsta". Sounds like the shoe fits, and he's glad to be wearing it. Enjoy it next year when you're looking up at us from the cellar. Again.

PistolPete: "Gay Iraqis will nuclear bombs!!!!"

To whom did they "will" them, Pete? It is awfully ironic that someone who displays such regard for human life:

“What a f--kin' kunt! If I was your ex-BF,you'd be buried in the desert for some s--t like that. Bank on that sweetie.”

…has any feeling at all for the lives lost on 9/11.

PP types: "I grew up hearing stories about how cool this town is. This town is about as cool as hanging out with the retarded kid."

Trust me, it was a whole lot cooler before your type of "citizen" invaded. Let's add "depraved" to your list of horrors.

You need a ticket home?

Ok. I was wrong. As for looking up at the Chargeless from the cellar,you'll soon be joining them back where you belong. I just learned last night that the 1963 championship is severly tainted. If the Pats ever do get that asterisk next to their SBs,you guys get one for very possibly taking steroids in '63. Yeah. You read that right. It seems coach Gillman was practically shoving Dynabol down the players throats for 5 weeks in the pre-season. Now....I'm not a time traveler but for anyone to tell me that the steroid popping stopped because it was brought to the coach's attention,is just a blind homer and deserves 50+ years of heartache and sorrow. One tainted championship and a useless trip to the SB is really pathetic and slightly humorous.

Coca Cola used to have real cocaine in it too. Should we arrest the company executives? Who knew anything about steroids in 1963? Knute Rocknet probably put them in a bowl for the players next to the amphetimines. As for history, I'll take the Chargers fourth-best won-loss record of the last ten years over the Faders embarassment during the same time.

Spliff as usual you like to quote ancient history to me. All I know is after the Chargers and Faders play this year, all i'll need to say is SCOREBOARD!

No SPLIFFADAMZ is still and will always be a MEMBER OF THE RAIDER NATION!!!!!!!!!

Hey rickeysays i see again you only take a part of my statement and comment on it but you never take the entire statement!?! Yeah i said thanks for the complement for calling me a gangsta , but i see you didn't write down that i've NEVER been called that and everyone calls me a revolutionary!!!! If your going to take my quotes at least write the whole quote down but i guess that's another half azz job of reporting that you seem to love to do!!!!

You say the chargers have been doing good for over ten years , have you been smoking with joshb again???? They've only won 1 playoff game in 10 years!!!! They lost to the jets in the wildcard game here!!! They lost to the pats here when they were 14-2!!! They lost to the pats again here when they made it as a wildcard team!!! They beat the colts here but got that azz spank against the steelers!!! Doesn't sound like a good recipe for a success story!!!! I guess you forgot when the sorry azz chargers went 1-16 in 2000??? Was you a fan then??? I seriously doubt it, because nobody in $D was represent them scrubs that year!!!! I guess you forgot the RAIDER NATION went to the superbowl in 2003 that was here in $D??? In 2000 until 2003 the RAIDER NATION was going to the playoffs, where the hell was the sorry azz pop-warner chargers and they fake azz fans then??? These sorry azz , wanna be fans in $D only started routing for the sorry azz chargers after they lost to the jets in that wildcard game here in $D!!!! Since then they keep losing in the playoffs and now LT hasn't played in the playoffs in the last 2 years!!! And they still haven't made it to the big dance yet!!! Looks like they are ready for another 10 years of being nobodies again , no wait they already are a bunch of f***ing nobodies!!!! Selling drugs , getting shot by police , getting caught drining and driving!!! That's the team you like??? ILMAO!!! When i'm done laughing at you i might shed a tear for your sorry azz team!!! NOT!!!!!

Like i said earlier the RAIDERS got a NATION of fans , while the sorry azz chargers can't even find a city that want them!!!! Speak on it!!!!!

But your retard azz said the chargers have been good for the past 10 years , so aren't you the one in ancient history??? Don't get upset cause i brought out the truth on your sorry azz team!!! You sound just like a bandwagon hopper!!! Well lets see in the future if you follow the $D loser when they move or will you hope on the next bandwagon out of town!!!! You can say scoreboard but you'll never say superbowl winner!!!!


"Who knew anything about steroids in 1963?"


By PistolPete

Those "little pink pills" were actually little blue pills.

Dianabol has been around since 58, and athletes used them that far back-and before that they were using regular testosterone.

Drugs have been around over 50 years.

Dianabol,Danabol & Dynabol are one and the same. Don't ask me why there are a few different spellings. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Sept-Steroid-Tablets.jpg Pink pills or blue pills,it's all the same and I'll bet $$$ to doughnuts that the '63 Chargeless didn't quit taking them. Yet nobody wants to discuss them cheating. Bring up Spygate though and there will be rabid Chargeless fans wanting to stick their 2 pennies in on that conversation. got double standard? got hypocrisy?

I think it's hilarious that those kunts on ESPN keep deleting my comments. Someone must be a Chargeless fan...

As a Packer fan and more importantly as an NFL fan,both the Raiders and Chargeless suck donkey nuts. I respect Raiders a hell of a lot more than I do Chargeless fans. It's a known FACT F-A-C-T fact,that Chargeless fan run & hide when the going gets tough. I have more respect for Detroit fans than I do Chargeless fans. Not only will not hear a bunch of wannabe gangsters talkin' $ like"Super Bowl Baby! and 19-0!!!!!" but you'll notice that even though they went 0-16 last year,they still supported their team. Why do Chargeless fans try and act like the rest of league respects them? They don't. I am 100% certain that come February,the Chargeless fans will have gotten all that Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah bull$ out of their systems. They'll do what they do every year-sit home and cry because the Sandy Eggo Super Chokers choked on that gigantic cock called pride once again. By March,the jerseys will join the moth balls yet again and I'll see a new set of"fans"talk $*** on YouTube.

ROTFLMMFAO @ Spliff doing his Amazing Kreskin impression. I was born and bred to be a Bears fan. I was a Bears fan from birth till I was 12. Then I quit supporting the Bears and watching football altogether. I'm an Army brat. 95% of my family either lives in the deep south,New England or Wisconsin. The other 5% are my nephew and sister still living in Chicago. When I was 15 the Falcons drafted a QB from the University of Southern Mississippi named Brett Lorenzo Favre. My cousin sent me some VHS tapes of Favre at USM. I knew the guy was going to be someone special. Watching those tapes re-ignited the little boy in me so I started keeping my eye on him.

At the time I was living with my uncle in Chippewa Falls,WI above his bar. Sundays came and I was there watching football. Until my cousin sent me those tapes,I was chasing muff around the community pool and looking for part-time work. My uncle explained a little history of the family's torrid love affair with the Bears,Packers and Viqueens. My parent's were born and raised in Wisconsin and are Bears fans. They hate the Packers. My sister(who along with myself)was born and raised in Chicago). She,along with her BF are Bears fans. My Nephew who is 14 is your classic pre-pubescent bandwagoner. He supports whoever is this season's flavor. My uncle Butch was born and raised in Wisconsin along with my mother and their brother Pete. He's a Bears/Packers fan. He loves the old Bears like Payton,The Fridge,McMahon and Butkus. My uncle Pete who explained this all to me is a ViQueens fan because he was living in the Twin Cities during the Purple People Eater era.

I started to embrace the Packers when they traded for Favre. I jumped on the Favre/Packers bandwagon in 1992. It's now 2009 and I'm still here. Am I a true bandwagoner in every sense of the word or am I just a guy who fell in love with a team that was a huge part of his family history. You can call me a bandwagoner if that floats your boat but one thing I'm not is a deserter like 90% of Sandy Eggo Chargeless fans. The die-hards I pity. The bandwagoners I laugh at.

And just for the record,as much as Favre is my idol and as long as he's alive,I'll never forget what he has done for my Packers and for the game,he's still just another player when he becomes a traitor to play for the 'Queens.

My loyalty lies like this:#1-NFL fan #2-Packer fan #3-Favre fan

As for your pathetic attempt at humor suggesting that the Raider Nation has more fans than Packer fans,link me to a site proving that. I KNOW I can back up my claims. Try again Spliff.

As for growing up a Packer fan in Chicago,nobody ever said s*** to me. There's a mutual hatred yet respect between the team's fans. The only reason Raiders fans get into it with Chargeless fans is pure jealousy on the Chargeless fan's part. Chargeless fans know they support one of the sorriest team's to ever have joined the NFL and because of it,they try to bully respect from other AFC West fans. That's a fact!

PistolPete didn't you say you was from chicago??? So how you a packer fan??? Sounds like another bandwagon hopping fan!!! Im pretty sure you became a packer fan after they won the superbowl like a lot of wanna be packer fans!!! Im pretty sure you only got a favre jersey!!! In the world of football there are more RAIDER fans then packer fans!!! Believe that!!! So when you get that rotten piece of cheese of your head come see me!!!! Cause i know you wasn't talking that packer s*** in Chi-town!!!!

Nice photo of yourself duhbya didn't know you was a RAIDER fan??? You look better then the picture of that fake fan wearing a orange mohawk in this article!!!! I thought you was a new millennium charger fan , you seem like a bandwagon hopper???

Pete, your definition of supporting your team seems to be ripping everybody elses, especially the team of the city you currently live in. Yet you say "As for growing up a Packer fan in Chicago,nobody ever said s*** to me. There's a mutual hatred yet respect between the team's fans." So how about showing Charger fans a little respect?

Being a football "fan" is pathetic.

How deluded and whimpish must you be if you derive your self-esteem from the on-field antics of a bunch of over-paid kids playing games.

Perhaps if you gentlemen spent some time experiencing REAL life instead of your childish voyeristic time-wasting watching alleged "role-models" slapping each other's butts on television, you'd have something more interesting to say than this drivel about which football team is better.

Got a clue for y'all. The city and the team are completely separate. The players are hired mercenaries who do what they do for the highest bidder, and have absolutely NO interest in the city they're playing in.

For anyone to think that because some mogul came in, bribed local officials to get huge subsidies from the local tax-payers for a stadium, and put a few retards in tights on the field to play with their balls, therefore there's a duty of loyalty to that team...well, it's just stupid isn't it?

Grow up boys. Football is a lame game for lame brains. Being "loyal" to a team is as important to an adult's life as declaring "loyalty" to a flavor of ice cream.

That so-called "fans" get into violent brawls all over the country because of this "loyalty" is such a sad commentary on the state of our country.

Geez, Fred, a little harsh?

I mean, I understand your point about the violence being over-the-top, but most football "fans" simply root for a team. On the surface, it really isn't much differnt than enjoying the opera or an orchestra or a horse race.

Football is entertainment, and sometimes people enjoy getting wrapped up in it.

Methinks Mr. Willams dissertation is aimed more at the rabid-dog churlish behavior displayed here than at the less irascible types of fans.

Exactly. Hooliganism is a dangerous outlet for expression of social ills and attendant frustrations.

Fred, while I somewhat agree with your assessment of fans like Pete, you sound like the kid who had no coordination or athletic ability in gym class, and never got over the resentment for having to participate. Get over it Fred. Some of us like sports.

Uhhh,rickeysays,I refuse to fight over sports. I think Fred was refering to all of us. I troll YT constantly and talk tall s*** but in the end,you're still Chargeless fans and I'm still a Packer fan. I'm not out to change anyone's opinion. I'm just pointing out the irony.

"So how about showing Charger fans a little respect?" rickeysays,To give a little background on why I hate the Chargeless and their fans so much-I live with two native Sandy Eggo die-hard Chargeless fans who cannot stand Brett Favre or the Packers. That's their right and it's kind of a running feud between us. What pisses me off is when I see a bunch of 17-25 years olds wearing their Rivers,Merriman,Tomlinson,Gates,Sproles,etc,etc jerseys and running their mouths like their the greatest f--king team since Wonderbread. I give them s CONSTANTLY. FACT:The Chargeless have NEVER won ANYTHING even remotely significant in 50 years. FACT:The Chargeless fans were part of the word fair-weather fan being coined. FACT:A playoff game was blacked out on January 4th,2008. The ONLY thing that kept this loser town from being national embarrassments was the SD-UT buying the remaining 350 tickets. Fact:LT has not played in a playoff game in two years because he bruised his vagina-er ego. Fact:Philip Rivers is one hell of a nice guy but a real a*hole on the field. Fact:Brett Favre will go down as one of,if not,THE greatest QB to have EVER played the game. FACT:The Green Bay Packers have sold out EVERY home game(including the playoffs)since 1960. FACT:Green Bay has won more World Titles than ANY other football team known to man. Why do I hate the Chargeless so much? Never in my life have I seen a group of people talk so much s* about such an obviously horrible team who does nothing but choke year after year. This town is nothing but pride come playoff time but come february,where are the Jerseys? Where are the dorky car flags? Where are the hats? Where are the shirts? IN THE CLOSET. Case closed.

Um, Pete. Heh. I have no idea where to begin.

While it might be true that Chargers fans are somewhat band-wagoners on the whole, there are plenty of die-hards that root through thick and thin. Those fans will continue to be fans even after the move to Los Angeles. To them, you are doing a great dis-service (emphasis on the "diss").

Hell, I'm a Saints fan. We never win. But I've loved that franchise since the Archie Manning days. I love the owner and I love the fans. Ergo, I love the team.

I'm also a Padres fan, I love the Padres. We've never won much. But the Gwynn legacy, the ownership of Kroc, and the beauty of Petco Park are more than enough.

You don't need to wave a flag or talk trash to be a fan. You simply are a fan. Or not. It isn't who has the loudest voice, it's a simple matter of what you prefer.

Will should've read with. I didn't notice my typo.

My point was that politics are the real distraction in life. Sports,like the arts are a relief from the distractions of real life.

Apples and oranges SDaniels. The victims of 9/11 were innocent. therealstoryteller,however admitted she was guilty. ANY woman who trashes someone's car because they f--ked another woman is a real nutcase and belongs buried in the desert.

I'm still holding out hope for a real investigation that proves what we already know about 9/11. I just won't hold my breath.

Thanks for showing polls that began in 1998 six years after you started putting cheese on your head!!! Wasn't the packers going to the playoffs and winning superbowls in the 90s??? Looks like you showing a bandwagon poll??? And we all know how amerikkkans are!!! They like to route for the winning team at the time they are good , then forget about them when they get bad!!! Every fan is a bandwagon fan , the question is when or why did you hop on!!!! Thanks for showing that the RAIDERS are among the most followed team and the most hated team!!! To be loved by many and hated by many , damm that is a good fing feeling!!! Thanks for showing that russell jersey is one of the top selling jersey even though the RAIDERS are stinking it up right now!!! Wow , you became a cheese head in 1998??? I've been A RAIDER fan since 1982 , it's 2009 and i still rep the NATION!!! I also rep the RAIDERS cause they had a home town player named MARCUS ALLEN on the squad!!! And he still hates AL DAVIS for sing on him when they got BO JACKSON!!! But it's like they say business is business , and football is a business not about loyalty!!!

Yo my man fred i always look at sports as a modern day slave trade!!! They bred slaves from when they are young (pop warner and highschool)!!! If they survive that , they can send them to the intermediate slave plantation ( college) to get notice!!! If they survive that , then they can get hired on a professional slave team (NFL)!!! Then the slave master (the owners) can use their overseers (the coaches) to run their slaves until they can't run no more!!! They can also trade a slave or draft a new slave coming out of the intermediate slave plantations(college) , to keep their professional slave team looking good and making them money!!!!


raises hand in Ponzi's direction :-P

As to refriedgringo,I can see where you're coming from. Kind of. I get the impression that Sandy Eggo has nothing to offer except the usual bulls and tries to pass itself off as this tropical paradise stuck out in the middle of Bumblef--k,Iowa. The Cubs suck but....they're the Cubs. The Padres try too hard to be something their not. HINT HINT. I'm not a huge fan of Sandy Eggo because of the uppityness of it. Sandy Eggo says"Don't drink on the beach". Sandy Eggo says"Don't smoke on the beach". Sandy Eggo says"Don't take your top off at the beach". Sandy Eggo says"Don't let your kids swim in a place that was built for them. Leave those seals alone!". Sandy Eggo says"We've got the beach. You can't do s on it but look at it and stare. And it'll cost you the blood of a 1,000 retarded Indonesians to live there". Sandy Eggo says"We're going to vote in lockstep with the rest of California and vote against gay marriage even though Iowa has it now we just look like a$$holes". Sandy Eggo says"Even though Californians voted to have the right to smoke weed,we'll waste millions of tax dollars to fight it". Sandy Eggo says"Even though we're a desert that burns every few years,we're still going to build more houses and then we'll put a limit on how much water they can use". Sandy Eggo says"Bring on the Powerlink". Sandy Eggo says"I don't care if we told you you could put up a building,we're now going to tell you to tear it down at tax payer expense". Sandy Eggo says"Our infrastructure is going to hell in a handbasket and corruption runs rampant but I don't care". And my personal favorite that I laugh at all the time-Sandy Eggo says"We're not like Los Angeles".

I've been reading the really cool articles on the Stingaree and what San Diego used to be. San Diego might've been a hell of a cool town 30some years ago. But now,it's a sad old man who is so lonely,he shouts at his neighbor at 2 in the afternoon for mowing his lawn because he's tired of the noise. Sandy Eggo truly has become a whale's vagina and it's sports team's pride reflects it. You shlups paid 600 MILLION dollars to help build Petco Park. It may look lovely but where's that shiny trophy? It's like paying $500 to get laid and not even getting a hand job. Sad,really.

Russl when you done holding his nut for him , don't forget to tuck yours back in between your legs BYTCH!!!

Did i just s on your little parade pee brain pistolpete??? When you come to a gun fight bring more then a small azz pistol and if you afraid to shoot then change ya name to puzzypete!!! It seems like that name is more fitting for you!!!! Never forget the only moron is a scrub who moves to Cali to make a living but says Cali ain't s!!! So if Cali ain't s , that means you ain't about s either right?!!!!? When you ready to speak don't forget to wipe ya azz!!! Your breath smells like s*** when you keep talking from da crack of your azz!!!! OHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

You talk s about $D having bandwagon fans but you more of a bandwagon fan then $D bolt fans!!!! Please enlighten us on how you became so fing stupid!!! Is it because you got a piece of cheese on your head that smells like s*** , but you use to be a bears fan??? Or is it cause you got family from wisconsin where y'all sleep with relatives!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! And puzzypete says what????

PistolPete snarled: "ANY woman who trashes someone's car because they f--ked another woman is a real nutcase and belongs buried in the desert."

I'm sure I'm not the first to inform you, Pete, that you are one scary, evil nutcase.

Russl look in the mirror when you say that!!!!

"Btw, Pete, your boy-parts must be sore from constantly lifting them up to show us. When the nurse comes back, you might want to ask her for some non-petroleum jelly."

Tweezers 'can' be pretty abrasive. I hope he has the rubbery-ended kind.


If Spliff is the best L.A. has to offer,I can't wait till The Big One hits. It'll be awhile before anymore Spliffs f*** up our gene pool.

Don't lump me in with the transplants you're used to seeing Duhbya. I don't want to change one thing about this city. I'm almost like a non-citizen. I contribute as less as possible to Kaliforniastan. This state and it's inhabitants deserve EVERYTHING it has coming to them.

Pistol...I always kinda liked the Packers and Bret Favre. Until Favre went nuts and couldn't decide if he retired or not. Oh..and also when that amazing defensive player...forget his name, died a few years back...ranted about a bunch of racist crap.

And it kills me when Charger fans don't realize how much smack a person like Rivers talks. It's unbelievable. And when LT had his little meltdown, after the Patriots did the Merriman dance. I actually loved that. IT should've taught them a lesson, but it didn't.

Fred...football is a blast. You're missing the boat on this one. I mean, I can sort of understand your anger at all that stadium BS that goes along with sports, but still. That stuff goes on in lots of forms of entertainment.

And Spliff...geez. Do you realize how insane you sound in all these rants? Football players are handsomely paid.

Sorry i don't rep L.A or any of amerikkkas racist states , cities , or towns!!! I just got a tilt in a few different states!!! Besides your gene pool is already f up!!!! YOU call people in $D bandwagon fans , when your one yourself!!! In fact your more off a traitor!!! YOU said YOU was a bears fans then went to the enemy (packers) just to ride nuts!!! Wasn't YOU who said "I was born and bread in chicago and i was a bears fans"!!! BUT then "YOU seen tapes of bret and you became a packers fan when they traded and got him in 1998"!!!! Man that sounds like a true fing bandwagon fan if i ever heard of one!!!! You talk a lot of s*** but when it's thrown back in ya face , you cry like a little bytch!!! Remember when you get up from the toilet it's front to back!!!!! OHHHHHHHHH!!!!

An ETHICS PHILOSOPHY TEACHER is the first ONE WHO EVER told me that AMERIKKAN SPORTS is the modern day SLAVE TRADE!!! She works at SOUTHWESTERN COLLEGE!!! Her name P. BANKS!!! I believe she is PHILIPINO!!! Been teaching for more then 20 years now!!! So since i heard it from a TEACHER i guess she RANTS too???? Best believe she is way more smarter then you joshb!!! She is a professor , you just think like a brain wash amerikkkan!!! OHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

You say they get handsomely paid??? But your the first one to talk s about them , when they do something or say something that YOU do agree too!!! Wasn't you the one calling a football player stupid cause HE didn't want to meet amerikkkas puppet like YOU would want to??? Aren't you the one sed on mike vick cause HE fights dogs for a sport , but like A LOT of amerikkkans kill animals for sport!!! Now you talking that bulls (Come on spliff these players are handsomely paid)!!!! Go talk to s to WARREN SAPP , he also said the NFL is like slavery and is racist!!!! He played in the NFL , got paid handsomely , won a superbowl , played with the RAIDERS and was clowning Al DAVIS and is now a sports analyst!!! But a guess he don't know what he talking about either cause YOU don't agree with him and he RANTS too huh??? Or how about WARREN MOON!!! He said at his college , his own fans were calling him (N) while he was helping the team win!!!! Another player paid handsomely and played in the NFL , but he's just RANTING too huh??? How dose it feel walking through live with your nuts tuck in between your azz like a scared dog dose it's tail??? OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!


Here I am trying to get by on fifty thou a year, when I should have been trying to be a slave. They're all millionaires. Somebody buy me please!

If I win a cool million on the lottery,I'm going to buy Spliff a formal education. And it was Reggie White,Josh.

I'll go in with you, Pete. I might even throw in some 40s.

You know what, Pete? I remembered that later in the day, when I was in my car. As I was typing that, the name Reggie was coming up, but not the last name.

I don't think there's anything wrong with being a fan of a player, and therefore, liking that team. A lot of folks did that with Jordan when he played with the Bulls. Sure, it's a form of "bandwagon" but so what. We pick all kinds of reasons why we follow certain teams.

I'm involved in some charity things, and hear some adult fans talk to athletes, and say they became fans of so-and-so team, after the QB met with their sick son 8 years ago. Nothing wrong with that, I say.

Now Spliff...why is it you agree with ONE TEACHER (when she spouts off about slave trade), but not those biology teachers that tried telling you there's something to evolution?

The reason I get on NFL players, or any athlete, when they say stupid stuff is...well, we should do that with anyone that says stupid stuff. It can be the President, an athlete, movie star, anyone.

I'd just think athletes would have enough sense, to realize they're making millions. And that children look up to them. And that PR is a big part of sports.

Here's where you and I differ in opinion Josh. Speaking of Jordan and the Bulls,does anyone remember this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMzdAZ...

This is STILL the absolute truth. I do understand where you are coming from,josh. Athletes say some pretty stupid s--t sometimes but I say,let 'em.

Why? Because I've got the balls to say what most men wish they had the balls to say? I don't give two f--ks who I offend. It's like Suicidal Tendencies once sang: "Just cause you don't understand what's going on don't mean it don't make no sense And just cause you don't like it, don't mean it ain't no good And let me tell you something;

Before you go taking a walk in my world You better take a look at the real world Cause this ain't no Mister Roger's Neighborhood

Can you say "feel like s--t"? Yea maybe sometimes I do feel like s--t I ain't happy 'bout it, but I'd rather feel like s--t than be full of s--t!

And if I offended you, oh I'm sorry... But maybe you need to be offended But here's my apology and one more thing...f--k you!

Cos you...can't...bring...me...down!"

Pete, quoting the lyrics of Suicidal Tendencies in order to back up an argument against relationships is sort of like quoting the Bible in order to back up an argument against atheism. It's shooting fish in a barrel.

I get the whole "Santa Monica" thing, I really do.

But, you know, we get over it and move on.

For Pete:

Why not by yourself some education seeing that it is real cheap to teach an idiot who calls others bandwagon fans , but is one himself!!!!! Remember it's front to back BYTCH!!!!

Easy in a world of EVOLUTION , things are ALWAYS changing!!!! That's the key word , term , phrase in evolution!! CHANGE!!! HUMANS have been living as HUMANS for BILLIONS of years now and there has been NO CHANGE yet?!?!? In a world of evolution NOTHING is perfect!!!! So if humans came from a monkey , shouldn't humans be changing into something more advance then the state we are in now!??! It's already been a billion years and counting and no change yet!!!! INTERESTING!?!?!

What your not going to say the teacher was ranting??? PUZZY!!! Why don't you go talk to her ya self if ya not scared!!! But then again you can't teach an old dumb dog new tricks!!!! Keep staying afraid of the truth and you'll keep getting punk by the government whose azz you love to kiss so much!!!

Athletes aren't role models on how to live a perfect life , they are only role models on how to play the game!!! I don't look to jordan , barkley , pippen , and magic on how to better my life , only on how to play basketball!!! Being an athlete is just a title for a SPORTS STAR not a prophet on life!!! Just because you get paid millions to run , jump , pass , catch , shoot , tackle , block , kick , throw , swim , bike ride , swing a bat , ice skate , swing a golf club , swing a tennis racket , kick flip a skateboard or tailwhip a bike don't make you a model on good living!!! Your just getting paid millions doing a different JOB that only a chosen few are able to do , that don't make you a righteous person in life!!!! The only reason you even act like you care about what they do , is because they are getting paid millions to play a child's game!!! While you slave away your whole life working getting paid minimum are just above minimum wage!!!! I bet if they weren't getting paid millions to play sports you wouldn't even care about what they do or say!!! Because kids don't just look up to athletes , they also look up to doctors , teachers , priest , coaches , police , parents , older brother/sister , politicians and business owners!!!! And even that group can't tell you how to live your life right , only how to do the title they have been giving!!!!!


Russl says i drink 40 cause i'm black??? Why another racist azz comment from a creamy!!! After pistolpete and russl get drunk and make out maybe you guys can get married??? Oh i forgot they ain't allowing gay marriages in CALI , so i guess you two butt pluggers are going to have to relocate!!! Russl you must be the female since you holding pistolpete gun??? BYYYTTCCCHHH!!!!!!

Why do I get the feeling that SpliffAdamz is really some white guy screaming from his mother's basement? It's almost as if Spliff is trying to hard to be something he obviously has no clue about....

Racist? Really, Spliff? I don't even know what your race is.

Oh, you didn't call me a racist, you just said I made a racist comment. Subtle distinction. And then of course you followed that by calling me a creamy, which I guess is not a racist comment.

Spliff, why are you so fascinated with Pete and me having sex? Do you want to watch or something? Is that your style?

Look the two guys who are getting married had something to say!!! The only person trying to be something they are not is you pete!!! Hanging out in the ghettos of chi town trying to be one of the homies on the block!!! F***ing poser!!!

russl i didn't call you racist!!! I said another racist azz comment from a creamy!!! Can you read or is ya head stuck on pistolpetes pistol!!!???!!! DORK MAN!!!!

If it is , then it is a racist comment calling you a creamy!!! But don't act like you saying i drink 40z isn't!!! That sounds like a creamy comment or are you just trying to be funny????

Sorry not my style , but if you two want to activate your wonder powers and attack me , sounds like you two have a lot in common!!! Ya'll should get together and party you already said you pitch in for the 40z!!!!!!

$10 says Spliff couldn't hang in a REAL ghetto. Ghetto to him is partying it up in El Cajon...LMAO!


I don't consider myself a world class athlete, but neither am I the nerd who throws like a girl and was never included in sports. On the contrary, for my age, I'd say I'm in great physical condition. My favorite sport is archery. Your assumption is common among sports fanatics, that anyone who doesn't join in your game is somehow unfit. And it's yet another display of the stupidity ingrained in the thinking of sports fans.


Yes, it's entertainment. Nothing more. Nothing less. It's NOT important infrastructure, the basis of real pride, or anything to be spending public money on or fighting about.

Yet how much money do we squander every year policing these events? How many fire and police resources are wasted patroling the stands? It's what a lawyer would call an "attractive nuisance" with predictable outcomes...every game there's dozens of arrests.

What other "entertainment" is allowed to repeatedly break laws, AND gets subsidized by every taxpayer...no matter whether they enjoy this form of entertainment or not?


Look up Kenneth Thompson from San Diego, who played at Mesa College, then Utah State, then professionally with the Cardinals. He was a friend of mine.

He made great money...for three years. Then he was abandoned, knees ruined, functionally illiterate (sorry, Kenny, but you know it's true) and basically unemployable, all the money long gone on clothes, girls, and cars.

He's the typical professional athlete. Used up and spit out by the system -- not unlike slavery at all, but primarily a form of mental slavery where young black kids are taught that there are only two routes out of poverty: deal drugs or play sports.


All things considered, it's just moronic to admire or wish to be identified with this system of professional sports entertainment. It's just a business, has nothing to do with reality, does nothing for the host cities but drain resources, and the "winners" often end up broken and useless when their "career" is finished.

Being a sports fan isn't something to be proud of. It's a shameful and disgusting vice that feeds on misery and wasted lives that bankrupts the cities unfortunate enough to host a team.

Ya know what's interesting, Fred?

People have always used this stat...something about the average NFL player only plays for 4 years. And what they say when they bring that up, is a player gets injured and the NFL is "done with them" and just spits them out, and they didn't invest their money, and blah blah blah.

Well, you brought up a name. I'll bring up a name.

Ray Rowe. The center of my high school basketball team. The best football player we had, who went on to have a two year NFL career. Not because of injuries, but because he just wasn't good enough. Now he's a cop.

A lot of times, people aren't good enough to make it. It's not a matter of the NFL just using them.

The NFL is a gladiator-mentality sport. It's like boxing or MMA or even hockey. You can throw NASCAR into that mix as well, because people tune in to watch the crashes and not left hand turns.

People who play or try to participate in those sports come to know the risks quickly. The risk to reward ratio might not be very fair, but if you make it good, you're set. And not all professional football players are stupid. Offensive linemen, for example, are very intelligent on average.

I was about to say that quarterbacks were smart, since they have to run an offense, learn all those plays, etc etc. But then I thought about Todd Maranovich, Steve McNair, Bret Favre Ryan Leaf, and about 10 others!

Next time you get a chance, listen to an interview of an NFL offensive lineman. Those guys are smart, at least most of them are.

Everyone on offense has to understand and memorize the offensive playbook. The quarterbacks of yesteryear HAD to be smart back when they called their own plays. Nowadays they simply receive the play from the bench. They audible if they see something in the defensive alignment they can exploit in their current set.

(Payton Manning excluded, he audibles and fake audibles constantly. Sometimes that helps and other times it hurts. The Colts have been to the playoffs, what, seven times in seven years? They only have one ring to show for it.)

Then, the quarterback either hands the ball off, or drops back into the pocket and passes. He has to read the defense and check off, sure, and I'm not saying that is easy, but it's a skill set that requires recognition more than intelligence.

Offensive linemen have to read stunts and schemes, as well as perform them. Their jobs are equally difficult whether it's a run or a pass play.

Refried, how can you use "audibles" as a verb? Really! Wash your keyboard with soap...such language.

Sorry guys, but none of the skills you've described are particularly impressive. Dish washers at busy restaurants must also make fast decisions, have great manual dexterity, and work through the pain.

So what?

That doesn't equate to "intelligent", just "clever".

Josh, that a former player becomes a cop is also no proof of intellect. Most cops aren't that bright.

I know. I've had to teach them how to use the software we made for them. Even with the simplest possible user interface, they were pretty clueless. As far as actually READING something...forget it. They either weren't interested or weren't capable.

Fred, it's like I said in the previous comment, it's a gladiator mindset.

And, I know, audible is an adverb but in football it's a noun that sometimes becomes a verb when plural. Calling an audible is the same as changing the play when the team comes to line up in formation by barking out a different play. He calls an audable, or, he audibles.

Offensive and defensive lines run stunts, traps, counters, counter-traps, and so on. While it appears as though eleven huge and angry men wearing armor are beating the living hell out of each other, there really is a game within the game, so to speak.

I know, I know. You remain unconvinced.

Hey, I read a lot, but I don't like the ballet. What can I say? No amount of someone with the ability to dance on their toes and twirl is going to convince me to like ballet, either.

I've been washing dishes on and off since I was 15. I've turned a menial job into not only a work of art but I've made it a trade as well. Not only do I think fast,have manual dexterity and work through pain(having to endure super hot water,super hot pans not being put into water to cool,sharp butcher knives being thrown into soapy water,etc,etc) but I also taught myself how to read at 3 years old. Yes. You read that correctly. Granted,I wasn't reading Shakespeare but I still taught myself how to read. How many 15 year olds do you know who threaten to kick the paper boy's ass if their paper is continually late? I was reading The Waukegan-News Sun,The Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune everyday at 12 years old. I dropped out of high school at 15. At 20 my mother wanted me to get my GED. I agreed. She bought the book with practice tests. I ignored them. I recieved my GED in 8 hours without having studied anything and being out of school for over 5 years. While in prison,part of my mandatory parole release was to get my high school diploma. This time I had to study. So I faked it. I recieved my high school diploma again,in one day without ever studying.

Basically,in a nut shell,I graduated high school in 6th grade. 7th and 8th I did what I had to do to graduate and my freshman year I did nothing but cause trouble. Tell me again Fred just how uneducated a dishwasher can be? Oh yeah,and I was smart enough to invest a car accident settlement when I was released from prison and before the market totally crashed. I know make about $70,000 a year just by monitoring my investments and playing a very stressing shellgame. I'll be going back to work soon but only becauase I'm bored again. Working hard is a trait passed down from my family.

"How many guys do (we) know?..." PistolPete, your story is not unique.

I've noticed that a lot of guys like you tend to rely on tales of "early smarts" to mitigate the mess they've made of their lives later on.

Since you have written out for all of us the rest of your curriculum vitae:

in prison for armed robbery likes to hang out with people who have committed murder, that an ignorant racist thinks anarchic and vigilante violence is the solution to everything

...Clearly, whatever you did as a little boy is no longer relevant to the person you've become.

PS: Fred's point was not that dishwashers are all uneducated. Fred is educated, and it sounds anyway like he also once worked as a dishwasher.

So what you're saying is I'm an a$$hole because I'm not only booksmart but streetsmart as well? Life is my teacher SDaniels. It was only as I got older and more mature that I've seen the error of my thinking and do at regret the things that I've done. I wouldn't do it over for the woreld though. I'm bitter and anarchaic because I too often see America becoming like the spoiled,rich youth of Southern California.

Blacked the f--k out in their 1st pre-season game! I f--kin' LOVE it!

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