La Policia Scare the Pants Off Prostitutes

Two hundred and fifty heavily armed and armored police from three branches of Mexican law enforcement raided several nightclubs, hotels, and pleasure emporiums in Tijuana's Zona Norte nightclub district on Friday night, according to Tijuana dailies El Mexicano and Frontera. The commando-type raids included members of the municipal police force, the Federales, and immigration enforcement.

During the pandemonium, theft and debauchery under color of authority ran rife. Several exotic dancers, go-go girls, sexoservidores (prostitutes), and their patrons were physically assaulted and forced to undergo body searches. Several complaints were filed by accosted females, citing inappropriate groping and robbery foisted upon them by the attacking horde of lawmen, clad in bullet-proof vests, riot helmets, and body armor and brandishing high-powered automatic assault rifles and pistols. The abusive assaults were caught on security video cameras and were turned over to local news media. Booty stolen by the badge-bearing bandits included money, cell phones, radios, cameras, perfume, and even women’s underwear. One irate courtesan complained of being robbed of $900 U.S.

Cesar Sanchez, president of the Associacion de Empresarios Turisticos, said the raids and subsequent forced body searches were made without obtaining the proper court-ordered warrants and only succeeded in scaring the pants off patrons and diminishing international trade and tourism on Tijuana´s famous strip-club strip located on Coahuila Boulevard.

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You left out the part where over 100 people were arrested and failed to note that prostitution is illegal in Mexico. Also, it's shooting fish in a barrel when you're permitted to conclude that all Tijuana cops are thieves without fear of slander. And it's lovely to see that no name is attributed to this piece of crap sensationalistic garbage.

yeah I like how were suppose to keep coming to mexico but not be afraid to get kidnapped and shot. oh well still rather go to Zona then meet the ladies off of adult craigslist.

What time and what bars were raided. I was in Chavelas, Hongkong and Tropical all evening Friday. Didnt see anything. They do periodically check the bars to ensure the women have their work ID's. That is a good thing as most of the bars will allow women to work without them. I think Hong Kong and adelitas are the exceptions.

There's more to to story than this, guys. A lot of these girls also do side-work. Sometimes they run cash down south, drug money paid to the cartel(s) when it can't be banked. Cell phones are often checked routinely for this reason. The cops routinely shake down part of Zona Norte for that reason alone.

This is not anywhere near a piece of valid journalism. Opinion and hyperbole is not a substitute for attributable facts. There could have been a news story here if you hadn't been so lazy and written it all from your head. Are we to infer that you were one of the "patrons" shaken down by the police? I can't think of any other reason why you'd write trash like this.

Burb I don't know the purpose of your post.?

Police robbed, assaulted and terrorized people in the Bars. Hundreds of masked policia, army with automatic weapons charged into the bars. Opinion and hyperbole?? Where do you get that from?

4. What you say the reason for the raid is bogus. This was the second massive raid, in the last two months, the ratero cops saying they are only looking for "drug related activity." They the policia are lying. They raid these places grab, money, jewelry, cell phones any thing of value, sexually assault and some "reported" rape the girls.. They separate the putas from their clients, and hotel staff, take them to the girls' rooms and force them into giving up their hidden money they have worked hard for and many times sexually assault and rape them. Those are facts! Hundreds of girls, hotel room staff and bar staff will tell you that. The first raid I was in the bar HK when they charged in grabbed the girls and took them up to the hotel.

They got away with robbing and assaulting the first time because they were believed. This time they were caught on camera and some brave putas went to the TJ gov't and testified they were robbed.

So some of you guys that believe bad girls should be robbed and raped ...are probably the lowest lowlife I can think of.

Interesting take, Bob. Let's see... YOU are the patron of an establishment that has been repeatedly busted for hiring girls that are not legally old enough to dance in a STRIP JOINT, much less any girl that works there and lends themselves out for the purposes of PROSTITUTION, which, is ILLEGAL in Mexico. And you accuse ME of being a lowlife?

Let's identify the witnesses:

Hotel Staff = Pimps Girls = Underaged prostitutes Clients = Lowlife tourists

Gee, Bob, for someone living in a glass house, you sure do throw a lot of stones. And if you knew any of the "putas" outside of their work shift, you would also know that what I'm saying is true. Are some of the cops crooked? Sure. But the girls have learned how to be great liars, and I can't wait to see the video tapes. I'm assuming they haven't been shown yet because they don't agree with witness "accounts" of what happened.

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