Swift Serenade

Luke Walton, an 18-year-old Carlsbad resident and recent graduate of La Costa Canyon High, is getting popular because of a song he sort of wrote, a love song for Taylor Swift. He posted it on YouTube and anywhere else he could online.

Walton’s song, a male version rewrite of Swift’s hit “Love Story,” has garnered interviews on local news stations. He’s on KSON’s morning show every other day talking about it and giving updates.

The video of Walton serenading Swift, at this writing, has gotten over 45,000 hits.

I asked Walton about his celebrity crush. “Well, it’s not my first celebrity crush. It’s just the first I’ve acted on. I was with my friend Jonathan. We ate some burgers and then brainstormed. He said, ‘Dude, go for it.’ We got our digital cameras and made this video.”

Have people posted any critical comments after seeing the video?

“A few people have, and they swear at me once in a while. But 95 percent of the responses are positive — 462 ratings gave the video five out of five stars, and 368 people have given positive comments. I have a Facebook group with 800 kids, and they’re posting things on her MySpace page. I’ve also done the Twitter page and...well, I’m attacking this from all sides.”

Did you attend her San Diego show last month?

“Yeah. I went with my little sister. It was very entertaining. And her opening band was signing autographs at the merch booth. I gave them a copy of my CD [Walton has two self-produced discs] with a note in it for Taylor. I asked them to give it to her and they said they would.”

I wondered what would happen if Walton got a girlfriend that didn’t care for his online crush.

“I’m single now. But, I’m sure if I get a girlfriend she’d make me put up another video on YouTube saying that I’m off the market.”

You can see Luke Walton perform at the San Diego County Fair on June 23 at 3 p.m. on the O’Brien stage and on June 30 at 4 on the Plaza Stage.

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A few other things from Luke Walton (not the former San Diegan that's now playing for the Lakers, and was pursued at one time by Britney Spears):

Did your parents worry about you having your contact information and face on the video?

“No. I’m 18 now, and…they’ve always been supportive. They let me convert the dining room into an office recently. I’m going to USC in the fall. I’m one of only 14 students chosen for this pilot major. I’m going to be majoring in ‘Popular Music’. It was a 3-tier process to be accepted. I had to send a video of me performing original songs. Then I had to audition, and finally there was a phone interview.”

I’m guessing one of the songs you sent in wasn’t about Taylor. Any plans to audition for American Idol?

“I’ve had people ask me about that. I figure I’ll wait a few more years, until I get my vocal chops down.”

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