More Ugly Stats

When the Arizona Diamondbacks were in town on May 6, 2009, the Padres and D’backs drew an announced crowd of 13,646 — a record low for Petco Park (capacity is 42,445). The average for this past weekend’s June 5-8, four-game homestand, against division rival Arizona: 22,832.

“It’s disheartening to see so few people coming out to support their [home] team,” complains a loyal Padres fan. “The two teams we just played, it felt like there were more Cubs and Phillies fans than [Padres] fans in the stadium.”

Where are the Padres fans?

“I think they’re staying at home, worried about saving their money,” a stadium worker points out. “There’s a new owner, [the Padres] finished last in the NL West a year ago. There’s a lot of uncertainty. People are hesitant to come.”

Average attendance per game has decreased during the past three seasons: 34,445 in 2007, 29,970 in 2008, and 25,085 so far this year.

“I was in Philly two weeks ago,” says Jerome Chan, manager at Mondo Gelato, a gelateria adjacent to the ballpark. “[The Phillies] drew 42,000 people on a Tuesday.... The Padres need to win, that will spark sales and let San Diegans forget about the economy.”

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The only reason there are no padres fans is because the padres suck right now and $an diego only supports the teams when they are winning!!! Maybe if the SCANOS FAMILY would pay players $an diego would have a team that would draw fans to the games. $an diego fair weather for fairweather fans!!!

It has always been like that in San Diego, especially with the Padres. I now live near Boston where the only thing that keeps me from Fenway are the high ticket prices. Wish I was home in San Diego...I would go to a game!

If the Padres lowered the price of tickets and food and beverages at Petco, and made it easier to park, more people would turn up. They never should have left Qualcomm, where it was an affordable evening for a whole family to see a Pads game. And the city of San Diego wouldn't be in as great a financial mess as they are now if they hadn't taken out those higher-interest lease-revenue bonds to pay for Petco.

Rip me off with a ballpark Give me corporate pork Buy me a mayor and council seat After the vote our team always gets beat

Cause it's fraud, fraud, fraud economics Taxpayers lose It's a shame! Then it's one, two, three billion gone In this big shell game

Remember all the deluded happy talking politicians and business creatures (many of them with us still today) who intoned:

"Build it. They will come."

As if a line from a Costner movie was sound economic advice.

The Murph was a premier multi-use facility. It hosted the Padres and Chargers and other events (I fondly remember a late eighties Who concert).

Then Golding and McGrory got wet and gushy over Alex Spanos and on his private jet promised to "renovate" the Murph into a football only stadium.

John Moores went along, knowing he could then extort and cajole his way to his very own stadium next.

He got even more. Through bribery and hiring McGrory, Moores also got ten percent of downtown in the deal.

Now we're stuck with empty condos, empty ballpark and stadium, and empty promises...all at the highly predictable cost of hundreds of millions of dollars.

F*** John Moores, Susan Golding, Jack McGrory, and the whole Spanos clan. They ought to be in jail for what they've done to San Diego.

low attendance has nothing to do with san diego fans being "fairweather," it has more to do with padre fans feeling ripped off by the lack of commitment by the organization to building a winning team in san diego. it's not the fault of the padre fans that john moores is going through a messy divorce so why do we have to suffer? the day i see the padre organization at least make an effort to build a winning team is the day i return to the ballpark...san diego has great sports fans, but the pads aren't going to make any effort than why should we?

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