Possible Prostitution

A handful of Vista acupuncturist’s offices and day spas identified by authorities as possible locations for prostitution prompted an undercover sting operation on Wednesday, June 3, the San Diego Sheriff’s Department said in a press release.

Touch of Asian Day Spa, Acu-Care, Melrose Spa, Vista Town Spa, Bright Acupuncture, JW Acupuncture, Li Jun Acupuncture I, Li Jun Acupuncture II, and Vista Health Center were all named as potential places of prostitution, according to the press release.

Because authorities are still interviewing alleged victims and suspects, the results of the operation are pending.

The sheriff’s department caught wind of the illegal activity through complaints and after the City of Vista licensing department reported an unusually high number of business-license applications for acupuncture and day-spa establishments. Additionally, a large amount of massage therapist permit applications accompanied the business-license applications.

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A county sheriff in Yuma found an easy way to catch local spas and massage therapists involved in prostitution. He'd simply open up a porn site (tube8 for example) and local ads for prostitution pop up.

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