BBQ Ban Next for O.B.?

At approximately 5:15 p.m. on Saturday, May 23, a dumpster fire broke out in the parking lot at the end of Brighton Avenue. Moments before, a man had been seen emptying the coals of his barbecue pit into the dumpster.

Within minutes, smoke began to pour out of the semi-opened lid. Beachgoers stopped their volleyball games and attempted to suppress the fire with water from water bottles and the nearby bathrooms. Lifeguards arrived on the scene and used a fire extinguisher.

Thick white smoke enveloped the exit of the parking lot as cars attempted to leave the beach. Eventually, the San Diego Fire Department arrived to put out what had become strong flames.

When a firefighter was asked how often they are called upon to handle situations such as this, “Too often,” was his reply.

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I guess it is better than burying the coals in the sand. Just as dumb...but better?

I guess if i drive drunk and crash we will ban cars and alcohol. Or if i trip and fall while typing on my phone we can ban walking and phones too.

Starting a fire isn't that arson?? Nobody has went to jail for this crime?? The firefighters say they put out fires like this a lot!!! But nobody has went to jail yet?? Very interesting!!! What idiot is going to dump hot coals into a dumpster anyway??

I agree with what jgorm wrote. Our law makers don't seem to have anything better to do then write laws to protect us from our selfs. We all do dumb stuff and I believe that could of been what happened here. If not and this person contiues throwing burning coles into dumpsters then call in the arson squad. Our gov. is not big brother it is big mother protecting us all.

What they need are "hot coal cans." Trash cans dedicated to hot ashes/coals. National parks and other recreational areas have them all over the place.

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