Restaurants at Rest

On Saturday, July 18, I went to the Submarina sandwich shop on Otay Lakes Road, near the intersection of East H Street, and discovered that the shop had been closed permanently. A handwritten sign posted on the door read, "Due to poor economic times Submarina has closed at this location." The sign goes on to thank their patrons.

This Submarina closing follows the failure of the two other Submarinas in Chula Vista over the past year.

Submarina is not the only Chula Vista restaurant that’s closed during the past year. The sandwich shop joined the list that includes: Gandolfo’s Deli, Pei Wei (owned by P.F. Chang’s), Trophy’s (in the newer Village Walk at Eastlake), Carino’s Italian restaurant on Otay Lakes Road, Noodles & Co on the corner of Eastlake Parkway, and Otay Lakes Road.

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The Submarina in CMR owned by the founder's son is selling the franchise and moving to Texas. After growing up with and working at the RB and 4S Ranch Subways,Submarina is a Godsend. I'm a Chicago boy born and bred and I KNOW good subs. We can all thank Bush for this mess.

OK, Pete, do tell us: where are the best subs in the county? Enquiring mouths want to know.

Local delis(RB area):Either Chicago on a Bun or SiDNY's. Local chains:Like I said,Submarina is a Godsend. Best sandwich tasted thus far in the 4 years I've lived here:Lido's FTW!

There's also a new place in Esco that I tried the other day. I believe it's called Big Bear Sub Shop. It's on El Norte Pkwy in the Von's shopping center. They have a pretty good hot pastrami.

Chicago on a Bun in Rancho Bernardo (westwood shopping center) rocks !!!! Make sure you try Rocco's Imperial Sandwich - thats one great sub !!!!

So where is CMR? Never heard of it. And I don't think you can blame Bush for EVERYTHING, even a bad sandwich.

CMR is Carmel Mountain Ranch and yes,I can and will blame Bush for EVERYTHING. Including a bad sandwich. I've seen numerous small businesses close in this area. It's a shame that corporate geeks who can't finance their industries to save their lives get good $$$ thrown at them but the little guy just trying get by and survive are thrown to the sharks.

Why does Subway get such a bad rap when it comes to sandwiches? I love their turkey wrap, and also the turkey on white. And the meatball sandwich, for only $5, is killer!

I'll be the first to admit that I grew up on Subway. They're a decent sandwich place. But then I discovered Submarina. Fresher bread,fresher produce,better tasting meats. Subway is to subs what Little Caesars is to pizza. Not to mention I worked at Subway for 2 years. I know how"fresh"their stuff is. Eat Fresh is just a marketing slogan drummed up to appease the sheeple.

Try the Fairmount Diner across the street from the Home Depot on Fairmonunt Ave. Cheap and very tasty selection of homestyle sandwiches (i.e. on 2 slices of bread as opposed to a roll).

dont forget the mandarin. whose owner was found shot in tj. he had the best chinese food. my girlfriends mother is from taiwan, and she thought so too

My favorite sandwich places:

Sandwich Emporium, Clairemont

BBQ Pit; National City or Fletcher Hills, you can find coupons for a (hot) beef or ham sandwich plate and two generous sides for --$5.19-- http://www.thebarbecuepitrestaurant.com/

Con Pane Rustic Breads on Rosecrans

BMH Italian in La Mesa; best Italian type sandwiches http://www.bmhitalian.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=15&Itemid=29

Poma's Italian Deli in OB is awesome

Which Wich in Hillcrest; good vegetarian options too

BBQ Pit; National City or Fletcher Hills, you can find coupons for a (hot) beef or ham sandwich plate and two generous sides for --$5.19-- http://www.thebarbecuepitrestaurant.com/

As far a chains go, I prefer Togo’s

sorry for the double post on the BBQ Pit, I am not spamming or affiliated!

Back on topic, Trophy's seem to be closing everywhere. They once where downtown and in La Mesa too, but those are gone. I wonder if sports bars get hit a lot harder in recessions? But they were not really a "sport bar" anyway.

The Chula Vista area is hit hard. There are thousands of homes in pre-foreclosure (Notice of Default) and people scrambling to pay their home mortgages don’t eat out often.

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