Spectacular Yosemite

I expected to spend a peaceful weekend wandering through natural wonders, and boy, were my expectations too low. I was blown away by the enormity, the splendor, the incredible beauty of Yosemite National Park. The pictures just do not – and cannot – do it justice.

My boyfriend and I visited for the first time last fall to get a feel for the place. We journeyed north on Highway 395, a long trip, but what an array of scenery we found, highlighting the variety of ecosystems California has to offer. We were struck by the size and beauty of Yosemite once we arrived.

This spring we returned via the shorter 8-hour route up Highway 5 to 99, and were beyond surprised at the sight of Yosemite in spring. Waterfalls galore, blooms at every turn. Despite the crowds, it's fairly easy to get lost on a hike somewhere, to find a shady spot by the river for lunch, to immerse yourself in the beauty of the valley.

The only disappointment during each trip... never enough time.

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Next trip you take, try Sequoia National Park. I was lucky enough to work there for two years and it is equally as beautiful! Kings Canyon is adjacent to Sequoia...spend a week at least.

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