Las Playas Pedi-Pornista Popped

Arthur Leland Sayler
  • Arthur Leland Sayler

A 60-year-old Canadian with 15 years’ residency in the same house in Las Playas, Tijuana, was arrested for possession of child pornography on Sunday, June 21.

Tijuana newspaper Frontera reported that Arthur Leland Sayler was captured in the act of operating his beachfront child-porn website. Fifteen hard drives that had some four million digitized images and videos were seized.

Sayler’s online activity was initially discovered by the Policía Cibernética de la Secretaria de Seguridad Publica Federal, which has stepped up their activities in pursuing perpetrators of crimes against children in Mexico.

The porn ring operated in at least three countries -- Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.A.

"Estoy en shock!" said one of Sayler’s neighbors upon his arrest about a block from a local prep school. Other neighbors described Sayler as being so reserved and mellow (tranquilo), they never suspected anything unusual about him.

Sayler’s wife was arrested as well. He was taken to Mexico City, where the investigation of his network continues.

There has been a concerted effort over the past couple of years to discourage crimes against children in Mexico. English-language billboards pepper the border region, warning would-be pedophiles that criminal acts committed in Mexico will be prosecuted to the full extent of international law.

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Egads, eyebrows like little pitchforks!

"Estoy en shock?"

Are you freaking kidding me? If you pulled that out of La Frontera, I would be "en shock". In Spanish, you can't be "in" shock, the language doesn't work that way. Also note that it isn't "Estoy", it's "Soy". It's a very good stringer story, I have no idea why you did this to it.

What was he doing for a living down there? Did he have a job, a trust fund and pension? Or was he selling images from his collection?

What was he doing for a living down there? Did he have a job, a trust fund and pension? Or was he selling images from his collection?

By Ponzi

I'm sure the dirtbag was making his living off the kiddie porn.

I hope that dirtbag gets a warm welcome in the Mexican prison system.

Mr. Beaudeau's use of "estoy en shock" is correct. That's a common phrase in Tijuana. It's not proper Spanish of course, but typical of cross-border lingo.

artrubio: I have to admit, I stand corrected. I've lived here for 17 years and I never heard such a phrase, but my 16 year old Tijuanense daughter confirms what you're telling me. What in the hell is language coming to?

I would like to address the #2 comment from 'refriedgringo'. 'Estoy' is correctly used (it is a condition, not permanent like 'soy'); it could have said 'estoy impactado' or 'estoy conmocianado' if the 'other' gringo knew the language. Please do your homework before talking 'spanglish'. Thank you.

he already said he stood corrected...wow.

tomcleary1: Estar is not always used as a temporary condition. For example, "Está muerto." Death is not a temporary condition, last time I checked. Also note that if you stand by your rule, then it will permanently be eleven o'clock at night when someone says, "Son las once en la noche." I stood corrected in comment #6, as magics pointed out. Please read all of the comments posted before giving me a Spanish lesson.

There won't be any more luxury beachfront accommodations at his new residence. Buenos Noches Senior Porno.

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