Worthy's Cause

Worthy Gubbins is like odds and ends, rubbish, maybe like a lucky rabbit’s foot or a favorite ring,” writes guitarist and vocalist Tyler Stolnack in an email. He’s defining the sound and feel of his four-piece folk-rock band.

Last month, the quartet accepted an invitation from FM 94.9’s Tim Pyles to record six tracks for a collection of recordings called The Pyles Sessions.

“[Pyles] took us to Studio West, which is a big studio in Rancho Bernardo with great equipment, and the songs were all done in one take,” writes Stolnack, the son of former 91X radio personality Russ Stolnack (aka Russ T. Nailz).

In addition to hooking up the band with a professional recording session, Pyles set up a gig at the fourth annual Alex’s Lemonade Stand benefit concert on July 11. The foundation raises money to find a cure for childhood cancer.

Worthy Gubbins will play the San Carlos July 4 Block Party at Lake Artemis at 1:30 p.m. For more on Alex’s Lemonade Stand benefit, go to c.

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