“It’s outrageously hot on stage inside our ninja outfits,” says keyboardist Matt Liebowitz, one half of “karate-rock” duo Ninja Love. “Black pants, black shoes, black T-shirts, black hoodies with the hood up at all times, and black masks. It gets so hot, I keep extra ninja masks in my glove box.”

Neither Liebowitz nor singer/guitarist Mike Villemaire has been trained in martial arts. “All the technique is cribbed from kung fu films and how we believe ninjas act. I mean, who’s ever seen a real ninja, right?”

The band’s stage props do include authentic martial arts gear. “We actually use nunchucks in songs,” says Liebowitz, “and Mike is incredibly adept with them, though not trained. He has a tambourine mounted on the mike stand, and he hits it with the nunchucks.

“Our samurai sword is definitely real, and I assume it’s illegal. It’s certainly sharp. We keep that one in a guitar case until it’s on stage.” Liebowitz admits his hard-rock duo was worried about the sword when playing O’Connell’s so soon after the January 11 shooting near the club. “We figured tensions were high…if they saw us take a sword out on stage, someone might freak out. Especially if they didn’t like our music,” ’70s-style hard rock with a karate kick.

Liebowitz hopes actual martial artists aren’t offended by their act, especially since they hope to shoot a CD cover (“and maybe a video”) at a local dojo. “I guess they might be bothered by us but hopefully not enough to fight us. If real ninjas find out about us, though, we’re screwed. I’m sure we’ll be quickly and expertly disposed of.”

Ninja Love appears at Brick by Brick tomorrow night, Friday, January 30.

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i played with those guys at O'Connells and they fcking RAWK!!! you should see them at this show or any other!

whoooo! fat lando

Awesome band, hope the film turns out just as good.

Liebowitz also explained why the band uses the sword onstage to attack stuffed whales and pandas.

"Our songs for the most part center on battles between ninjas and animals. There's a loose concept running through all our songs: it's about a Cyclops who is taking over the world, trying to recruit animals - mostly marine life - to form an army. Ninja Love, through ninja skill, as well as the power of our songs (there's a little bit of Tenacious D in the whole thing) is fighting to save the world, by preventing the animals from banding together with the Cyclops. The animals that have already been recruited and turned evil, we kill."

"Rabbit Killer" lyrics: "And when you find me / I'll be killing / All these rabbits / One by one"

These guys are unbelievably good. I saw them a few weeks ago at O'Connell's. The show was great, and their CD is amazing.

be warned: the last time i saw these guys play my face was melted by their shredding rock. i thought this would be a steep price to pay just to see a mind-blowing rock show, but it turns out that there are a lot of girls interested in dating guys with skulls for heads.

thanks ninja love!

I heard that collaborators on Ninja Love's soon-to-be-produced LP will include Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, and Ne-Yo. They will not sing with the band, but rather will be used as targets for their deft ninja skills. I also heard that Rick Rubin was sent a copy of their debut EP, and upon hearing it, his head exploded.

This band is super HOT...you do not want to miss them! While I cannot speak to their actual ninja skills, their music rocks!

Rad band, very unique, yet still a good rock sound. Live show was hotter than a Flo Rida jam. However, the onstage weapons demonstration of proper Tiger Technique was a bit much; if I and my front row compatriots wanted to be covered in the blood of one's enemies I imagine we could just go see Gallagher.

Amazing band, heard them profiled on 91.X. I've heard they have a song about China in the distance past that they haven't played publicly yet. It's supposed to be a game changer for them.

I heard them on the radio. These guys are the real deal. They're part Joy Division, part Wham, but with a noticeable Robert Goulet influence. Rumor is they wear the ninja masks to cover up some pretty nasty lesions. Any truth to that?

Their song "Birds of Prey" is killer. As in, it will actually kill you after you listen to it. Yet somehow it's worth it.

I went to the Ninja Love show that Michael Dudikoff attended. Dudikoff was the the star of the first two installments of the 1980's blockbuster film series "American Ninja". He and I got to talking after the show and he admitted that the Ninja Love Theme Song made him weep. I could tell the music moved him. He and I then got into a heated discussion about marine biology and the potential effects that Ninja Love's music may have on our ecosystem.

Although I am deceased and have been for quite some time, I just want to say how much I enjoy Ninja Love's music. Nothing gets me more fired up for a haunting, particularly when I'm about to go pay my wife a visit. You see, after I died, she only grieved for a few months before she found another bloke to take my place. Needless to say, it's hard to mentally prepare for something like that, especially when the bloke is literally sleeping in my bed. But once I throw on some "Gentle Sea Beast," it's like I become an entirely different person, or spirit, if you will. Then I find it actually quite amusing to float in there and bang on the window panes and stuff whilst the new guy runs around in his undershorts screaming, "What in bloody hell do you want from us!! Leave us alone!!"

I have only heard this band online, but they instantly made me launch into my own air guitar. Can't wait to see them live!

Ninja Love is a sick band! Their drummer hits really hard and the guitar riffs are catchy. They are like The White Stripes if Meg was a man and she massacred stuffed animals between songs.

Listening to Ninja Love is like a shot of pure adrenaline. And it's good to know that Matt and Mike are now using their ninja skills for good and not evil. They play coy in this interview, but be warned if they were not melting faces they would continue to study under Chuck Norris, so check out Ninja Love, or Matt, Mike and Chuck will collectively punch you in the soul.

Ninja Love is audio drugs: So. Good.

Absolutely karate-awesome! I've seen these guys a couple of times now and their show does not disappoint! For all the skeptics of ninja rock out there...beware! Ninja Love Kills It!! Go See them now!!

Ninja Love are the truffle oil of modern Indie rock. In many ways they're like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife and the free advice when you already paid. They are that good.

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