High Comedy

Thirty Years Ago
I am supposed to be conducting an “exclusive” interview with Cheech and Chong between sets.… Cheech Marin informs me that they are “all interviewed out” so I end up with only one worthwhile quote.

“The Sixties didn’t die, man. People just pretended that they did. Dope is ingrained in our culture so it’s a source of humor. We don’t do just old doper stuff; we do new stuff.”
“HIGH COMEDY,” Steve Esmedina, January 25, 1979

Twenty-Five Years Ago
Dear Matthew Alice: During the recent holidays I consumed a lot of turkey, as most people did. My question concerns the color of the meat itself after it’s been cooked, i.e., white meat and dark meat. I’d like to know why it is different on certain parts of the bird, unlike other meats.
— Bob Westermeyer, La Mesa

The fat content of the white meat of a turkey is about half that of the dark meat. Only a rabid dieter would care about such a comparison, as far as calories are concerned. But the difference also has biological significance, and in fact gives us a clue to what these different types of muscles are used for. Dark muscles are utilized in sustained activity, such as long flight or distance running; light-colored muscles power short-term activities.
STRAIGHT FROM THE HIP, Matthew Alice, January 26, 1984

Twenty Years Ago
Norma scowled. She clutched, beneath her arm, a green Brentano’s bag. “Self-help books from my sister-in-law. Her name’s Glenda, and she’s, frankly, a bitch. Right after I opened them, Christmas morning, even though my husband was squeezing my arm hard enough that today I have bruises, I told her, ‘I hope you’ve got the damned sales slip, because I’m taking these books back.’”
“ACTS OF CHRISTMAS,” Judith Moore and Abe Opincar, January 26, 1989

Fifteen Years Ago
Tonight, as every Thursday night, Sam Sandweiss’s home becomes the principal San Diego Sathya Sai Baba devotional center. It’s easy to pick out Sandweiss’s home in the Sunset Cliffs area. Huge three-sheet-sized posters of Swami shine through the vaulting living room windows. Custom calls for shoes to be left by the front door. Devotees greet one another and drift into the devotional room, segregate themselves by gender, grab a cushion, and assume a lotus position on the floor. “Hugging and kissing is discouraged at our meetings,” reads the welcoming instructions.
“GOD, CHRIST, SATAN, OR CON?” Adam Parfrey, January 20, 1994

Ten Years Ago
In the lottery today at Encinitas’s new cul-de-sac, Sandalwood Court, 85 competitors will vie for the chance to spend a half-million dollars on homes not yet built.

“Winners” — those who are called first — will have their choice of 13 lots, whose homes, when built, will cost between $451,000 and $665,000. The lots, Numbers 72–86, form an inverted horseshoe about Sandalwood Court. Lots 74 and 77 already are presold. Two couples have left their seats to pace out dimensions of a home at Lot 76.
“GET YOUR CHECKBOOK OUT!” Susan Vaughan, January 21, 1999

Five Years Ago
Now comes a Super Bowl for the millennium. Super Bowl 38 will be the story you’ll tell your grandchild when the drooling little money-eater demands to know why you never had a job. You’ll look down at that insatiable pool of greed and chuckle, “Ever hear about the 2004 Super Bowl?”

Yes, you were there when a dynasty began, witness to the first championship victory by Carolina, a team that played their home games in a location unknown to 280 and out of 292 million citizens then living in the United States. Although, to be fair, it was common knowledge that the Carolina Panthers were headquartered on the Eastern seaboard, most likely in North or South Carolina.
SPORTING BOX: “SUPER BOWL INVENTORY,” Patrick Daugherty, January 22, 2004

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