No Rock and Roll Excess

Liquid Blue became the greenest band in the world in 2008,” according to bandleader Scott Stephens, “as we installed solar panels at our office and recording studio and implemented many other green programs.…

“We use [an electric scooter] to go between our recording studio and commercial office location,” says Stephens. “We plan to purchase an all-electric car and van as soon as they become readily available.… The Liquid Blue headquarters are powered by 14 solar panels. We power our recording studio, dance studio, numerous computers, and other electronics via the sun… [Our] computers have reduced levels of cadmium, lead, and mercury to better protect human health and the environment.…

“We use 100 percent organic food whenever possible from local farmers and outlets, such as Whole Foods Market, Henry’s, and Jimbo’s.… We select only organic free-range eggs and meats.” The entire band is made up of nonsmokers. Says Stephens, “Smoking pollutes the air others breathe, creates nasty trash, and destroys health.”

Liquid Blue claims to be the only American act signed to a major Chinese label, having landed a distribution deal with Shanghai Audio and Video, “the biggest music publisher in China,” according to Stephens, a former pro roller-derby skater for the L.A. Thunderbirds.

“We performed [in China last year] at the official Olympics kick-off celebration,” says Stephens. “[Last] year, we did a show for 15,000 fans in Belarus.… We did USO shows in places like Mozambique and Afghanistan. We spent a week in the occupied territory last year of Palestine, playing several shows.”

What about fuel consumption that comes with traveling the globe?

“Due to frequent flying, our carbon footprint is heavy. We try to lessen our impact, including things such as not requesting fresh hotel towels until needed, among others.”

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Stephens says the band has now performed in over 100 countries. Also, according to Stephens, “One of our BlueGirls [singers], Jessica [Manning], is currently in Taiwan representing Liquid Blue in an American Idol-type competition.” http://www.LiquidBlueLive.com

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