Neighborhood Blog Contest

    A few years ago the Reader held a writing contest. Topic? Your neighborhood. Over 600 San Diegans submitted essays from around the county.

    Now it's a monthly contest. Any time you post a blog on the neighborhood pages, you are automatically in the running to win one of three cash prizes:

    1st place: $500
    2nd place: $250
    3rd place: $100

    Winners are also published in the printed version of the Reader.

    You have until midnight, the last day of every month, to post a blog and be entered into that month's competition.

    Find your neighborhood or campus, and follow the instructions to create a blog.

    Check out the list of blog winners here.

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    That's right, magics! We have a deal about something related to this topic, do we not?!

    I wish to enter the My Neighborhood contest today but cannot find out how to enter. If possible please email me within the next hour with instructions.

    here's how to enter:

    1. on this page, click the link "Find your neighborhood or campus"

    2. change the "Select your neighborhood" box to your neighborhood

    3. scroll down, and click the link "Create a blog." This link is in the second column, about 1/3 of the way down the page.

    4. log in to your SDReader account, if you are not already. Then fill out the form that creates your blog.

    I hope this helps. Good luck!

    yes we do SD....i'm thinking of a topic as we speak......;)

    magics & SD: Get a room already!


    Just write, guys. Without fear, just write what's on your mind.

    hey can i help it if i love everybody, some more than others lol wait a minute refried...where ever is your mind at?? ;) mmmuah!

    Eeee. I can see what you are saying, Mindy; some awful clunkers have won. You sound like you have some "inside" information. Is this the case?

    Wow, Mindy! Thanks for the "information." It's great to know you are the self-appointed ambassador of this thread as well as two-time award winner! Be sure to stand post and only let certain folk past the velvet rope!

    Clearly you are still foaming at the mouth from some altercation with someone above, with which I have nothing to do. Enjoy your "talents," doll.

    Thanks, jmc. I do appreciate your taking time to read, as I'm sure we all do. To be fair, I think Mindy was feeling a bit sensitive, and mistook my comment--when I had not yet even read her entry. I have just now read it, and my take is that she was being playful, meaning to arouse the reader's interest with a common ploy--sex--but then invite a sense of controversy with the last sentence. Not really my kind of piece, but I commend anyone for taking the time to read--or write. Writers don't get much love in this town, true.

    If I had a car to sell you, jmc, guaranteed it would only have been driven on Sundays...;)

    SDaniels: If you wrote a blog entry using the voice and description you did in comment 20., you'd win the contest. That's what the editors are looking for.

    are we talking about "a girl from nowhere"? nah, we can't be. not as a winning piece. all i see is a bunch of name-dropping. but, to mindy's credit, she is writing something, which is more than i do. even though i keep saying i'm going to!

    storyteller: Apparently not. The winning entry this month was about a woman who cheated on her husband. Now that I know what they're looking for, do I have a story for them. I only wonder if I'm going to get away with using the word, "orgasm"...

    "maybe you should sell cars or something."

    and just exactly who was that directed to??? If it was to me, thank you but i am perfectly happy in my NURSING CAREER...

    if it was directed at SD, and i don't see why it would be, clearly you have not taken the time to read her wonderful, descriptive, colorful piece and taken as much delight in it as so many of us here have. even her comments show talent for writing.

    snarky is a good start refried, i will just leave it at that, my friend.


    no need to create alter egos for yourself (and if you're going to you could at least create another account like so many others do)...the damage is done.

    refriedgringo, as I believe magicsfive once said, "You're alright!" :)

    Guys, maybe we should follow up on the ellipsis at the end of that winning entry and make a Mad lib out of "Part II."

    "thestoryteller," forgive me if I am mistaken, but your writing and comments seem very close to those of "Mindy1114" or "C." or whoever may have lojacked her computer and/or blogs.

    If you are not any of the above, and have some insight into the Reader's criteria, I'm sure we'd all appreciate you "telling some tales" :)

    SD: I like you too. And read the story I just posted in my weblog, they might pull it down for being too, you know, over-the-top. I wrote it a while back, but I wasn't sure if it belonged in the Reader weblog.

    yep, refried, absolutely. i mean, i keep saying i'm gonna write a blog about something, anything, but i don't have the courage. that is why i at least give mindy the credit for doing something i am too chicken to do.

    Well, I wish they'd spread the love to me! Seriously, I do wonder about the criteria--there doesn't seem to be anything in particular they are looking for, either strictly neighborhood-related, a journalistic approach (see the winner with all of a paragraph about insane ballpark prices), or a diaristic approach in general. All of these have won. I may try again, though; this time with another neighborhood :)

    jmc1969: Why so negative? Mindy is obviously proud of herself, and she's been contributing for quite some time. I think that the Reader is trying to show their appreciation for people who contribute positive stories for their readership to enjoy. The context of a neighborhood isn't always where we're from, but also of the voices from specific areas of San Diego, regardless of whether the story concerns the specific area. I live in Baja, but just posted a story about a great experience I had in Chula Vista. My voice, although the story is about Chula Vista, is distinctly from a Baja perspective.

    I would think that the coolest thing to do would be to congratulate Mindy.

    Congratulations, Mindy, well done!

    Uh, hey Mindy1114 just how are you the winner of the April, 2009 contest as you self proclaim when nowhere has the winner for April 2009 been announced yet? And if you are, don't you think you should wait and let the Reader make that announcement? Pretty blow yer own horn of you. Your story was interesting - but had NOTHING to do with your neighborhood. If the Reader isn't going to stick to their own rules then wth? Not cool at all Mindy or Reader.

    No Mindy and refried you got it wrong. MY point was SHE announced herself to be the winner of the April 2009 Neighborhood contest BEFORE the Reader made a general announcement. She is not the only person who contributed (I didn't contribute) and I think it is just pompous and rude to proclaim yourself the winner before there's been any official notification. A lot of people contributed. So not cool Mindy to handle it the way you have.

    Plus after reading her blog, I think it is BOGUS that she won (still waiting for the Reader to say so) for what she wrote. As I said, it was interesting but had NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY SAN DIEGO NEIGHBORHOOD WHATSOEVER. It was a story about a guy she hooked up with when she lived in Hollywood. So refried, not even a story as you said about an experience you had in one SD neighborhood. Not even close. THAT is bogus as is her giving herself the title "Winner of the April, 2009 Neighborhood Contest." Pa-leeeees. Get over yourself. That is my opinion and I have a right to it. It's not negative. It is based on the facts. I think it is great that Mindy blogs and at least when she won in Nov. 2008 it was about a dog park here in SD. But if she won for her blog of April 24 that's not right and not fair to anybody who stuck to the theme of the contest. I'm sure people could write about all kinds of things otherwise, but didn't because it was supposed to be a contest about a SAN DIEGO NEIGHBORHOOD EXPERIENCE at the very least.

    And I can't congratulate Mindy because so far she's the only one to claim she's won!! AGain, not cool Mindy and not cool Reader.

    jmc1969: The Reader emails the winners at the beginning of the month (after the end of the month of the contest). I reckon that it takes then a while to post the winners in the website. I'm not contesting that you have a right to your opinion, you most certainly do. The Reader also has the right to judge winners based on whatever criteria they choose.

    I was born in San Diego, but I didn't grow up there. I moved to Baja about seventeen years ago after growing up in Los Angeles. Much of what I write, and much of what I have written in the past decade, deals with all three locations. None of this changes my perspective, which is pointedly from Baja.

    Mindy didn't ask the Reader to choose her entry as a winner. If you're unhappy with the Reader regarding the choice of a winning entry not encompassing the neighborhood, this is understandable. But it certainly isn't Mindy's fault. She just wrote what she felt.

    Again, while I do respect your opinion, I'm just stating mine.

    Magics: I think that the Reader is simply trying to spread the love. That's a good thing, yes?

    "Maybe you're not cut out to be a writer. Maybe you should sell cars or somethng."

    Snarky, much?

    Now I sort of feel bad for defending you.

    Mindy, I'm going to explain a couple of things to you, listen up. First of all, the Reader serves the community of San Diego. They chose your blog this month. They are rewarding you for your contributions. This does not make you a writer. They'll choose someone else's blog next month. That won't make them a writer. Cash your check and be happy that you won.

    SD's single entry is better than anything you've written here. The fact that she hasn't won has nothing to do with her writing ability, it has more to do with the fact that she hasn't written more (and she should, she's fantastic). The fact that you've won has nothing to do with your writing ability. The fact that you seem bitter about SD's comment proves that not only have you not paid your dues, it proves that, in accordance with your lack of humility and kindness, you really have no idea what those dues are all about.

    See what I mean guys? Some people are pretty insensitive and have let their "win" go to their head. At least her entry of April 8 HAPPENED in an SD neighborhood, although why she or anyone would think any one of us would be interested in her adulterous affairs, well there's no accounting for taste. SDaniels and refried, I read your blogs. They are BOTH head and shoulders better than Mindy1114's - both her Nov 08 and April 09 nonsense. If she kept her legs closed we could have all been spared. But at least SD and RG wrote ABOUT San Diego neighborhoods - not just some nefarious conduct within the zip code.

    Gophers and adultry. Yep, sure tells me a lot about San Diego. Hey SD, if yer selling a car, I'd gladly buy one for you. Your writings have a lot of class!

    A Neighborhood Affair to Forget: Congratulations on being the winner...if that's what you call yourself. Other words come to mind. It is sad that your best work has tramp stamped all over it. Don't bother writing a book. Shame on The Reader for publishing your pathetic grab for attention.

    This story had such a freak beginning. I talked to "Ken," which I hadn't done for awhile. We were talking about the old days and memories of when we first met came up. When I hung up, I sat down and took about 15 minutes to write it. I thought it was trash, but posted it for shock value.

    When I was notified that I won, the editor had to tell me what won. I didn't think I had anything in the running. Go figure...

    Thanks for the comment, mommajay. It must have had an impact for you to bother to post.

    This contest would be perfect for the neighborhoods that often have a lot going on...i.e. Hollywood/Beverly Hills and neighborhoods that have a high number of young adults..

    Does anyone know where I can get information on the formatting commands for the SDReader.com BLOG pages? When cutting and pasting from Microsoft Word, do the hidden characters make the posting all capital letters?

    Also is anyone affected by the MTS proposed $7 million reduction in service for the weekends? Please contact me at [email protected] if you have some comments for a story I am writing.

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