Don't: Ask, Tell, Discriminate

At Cal State San Marcos, controversy has been raised over the possible introduction of Army ROTC (Reserve Officers' Training Corps) courses to the curriculum.

Similar to the ROTC programs of many surrounding high schools, classrooms and campus land would be set aside for pre-military training and education by military personnel. Some see the ROTC’s presence as beneficial to the campus.

“The presence of the ROTC means a lot more people on campus and could bring a lot of potential students to our school” said Joan Anderson, an NWP teacher consultant at Cal State.

However, a conflict exists between the military’s stance on sexual orientation and the campus’s policy of non-discrimination. This has created concern among faculty and students, notably the campus’s student LBGT group. In response, the school’s Academic Senate has formed a group to study the matter.

“The goal of the study group is to gauge public opinion and deliberate on the subject; no more, no less,” said Dan Barrett, cochair of the appointed study group.

The decision will ultimately be left up to the student body on whether or not the ROTC program will be admitted. However, a public forum (“town hall meeting”) will take place on campus on Tuesday, February 24, from noon until 12:50 p.m.

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