Shame On You, Don Bauder
Shame on you, Don Bauder! I have loved reading your reporting/opinion pieces/ columns, however you characterize them, since you left the U-T. However, the article about Fiesta Island (City Lights: “Battle on the Beach,” February 5) is quite disappointing.

Not living in the area, you are not able to walk around the off-leash dog area and see for yourself, in person, what a road and the other installations proposed by the Park and Wreck Dept. would do to the existing area where people run and exercise with their dogs. Notwithstanding the claims of only 10%, that is just not true if you were to examine the area and see what impact this kind of development would have.

The City of San Diego is trying to renege on its commitment to people using Fiesta Island since 1972 for off-leash recreation, pure and simple. The paddlers should never have been “offered” the right to displace the existing user group of people running their dogs.

Trying to create discord between the groups will not solve the problem.
Christian Winkle
via email

I Alone Walk
This is a response to my black sister Merry (Letters, February 5). Why are you responding to my letter instead of addressing the issue, “My Black Sister”? The issue is stereotyping black people. If there’s so much black-on-black crime, being black, why are you scared to go where whites and Mexicans reside, meaning the El Cajon hills and Barrio?

I go where God guides me because my belief is strong, “My Black Sister.” My missionary work involves 12th and Imperial. I alone walk the homeless strip, passing out blankets and food for the needy. I don’t mind giving money to the homeless, even if they spend it on alcohol, if that will make them sleep warm or better for the night, because they can’t get into the overcrowded shelters. How can they educate themselves with mental illnesses that they are stuck with because their Medicaid was cut? I go home to a warm bed at night; they don’t.

I am a positive speaker in the urban communities, an activist for those who can’t speak for themselves and also a poet for the educated ones who search for a movement. And this is for all humanity, “My Black Sister.” We don’t know for what reason they fell short in life but focus on how to pick them up and give them guidance, “My Black Sister.”

So far, the reason you are responding to me and not the article is not understandable. Maybe you need help in your missionary work, because there is nothing to fear but God, and you seem a bit lost, “My Black Sister.” For guidance purposes, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Peace, love, and faith, “My Black Sister” Merry.
Kenya De La Roche
La Mesa

Regarding Barbarella being annoyed by her grandfather’s death (Diary of a Diva: “Do Right,” February 4), it’s time she learned that not everything is all about her. When her grieving mother reached out to her, it was clear that she wanted/needed comfort; even if it didn’t feel “right” for Barbarella to respond to that need, it was unconscionable not to.

What a pity that Barbarella felt irked about her name being signed on a card for condolence funeral flowers. (Note, she wasn’t even asked to chip in for them.) This nonstop statement-making narcissism is getting old. Get over yourself, Barbarella. Grow up and do the right thing!
A San Diego Grandparent of Nine
via email

Called Out
I’m calling about an article that appeared in this week’s Reader, February 5. On page 139 there’s an article in there, it’s titled “Surf Diego.” I was just wondering who does the fact-checking on the articles because I — and some other people here with me — know personally these people, and nothing in this article is true. At least not pertaining to this little girl that is portrayed here in the photo.
Kelly Breckenridge
La Mesa

Good Fun!
Re John Brizzolara’s “Hi. I Used to Live Here” (Cover Story, January 29) — good fun! We also visited the old homestead (1930s), in Chicago in spring 1988. Surprise! In the entry hall was a formal, framed photo of our Tauber family from the ’20s — and the “El” running through the back yard.
R. Tauber

Purple Tights, Red Leg Warmers
I just wanted to let you know that I think the American Apparel ad in the last issue with the woman in the purple tights with the red leg warmers is just a disgusting ad, and I just can’t believe that the Reader would have something like this on an opening page — that the Reader would stoop this low. It’s demeaning to women, especially young women. I hope I never see an ad like this again.
via voicemail

What Don’t I Like?
As a fan of “T.G.I.F.” it’s great to see the column up front and personal. Greater yet is reading his feature columns.

“Diary of a Diva” — I only wish you could afford to continue the local events Barbarella write-ups, as well as the new “Your Week and Welcome to It.”

Bauder and Potter — outstanding work.

Naomi and Ed — that’s a great balance, and bless Naomi for her New Orleans and San Francisco food “roots.”

I miss the weekly wine column, and the end of January 29’s (Crush: “A Charmed Life”) cut off abruptly.

My swing-dancing friends and I rely on your club ads so we can plan our evenings out.

More John B. and Barbarella, whenever possible.

What don’t I like? Those who whine about an article — the “I will never pick up a copy of your magazine ever again” — their loss, nor do I believe them when they say that!
Lynne Goldstein
via email

The end of January 29’s “Crush” column ends on page 100, top-left column. — Ed.

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