Bird and the Bee

Son, it’s time we had a talk about The Bird and the Bee. You see, sometimes a man meets a woman, and together they form a musical duo. Let’s say this man is Greg Kurstin, a talented producer-arranger who has recently written songs with Lily Allen and has worked in rock, jazz, and pop and with artists as diverse as Gwen Stefani, Jason Mraz, Donna Summer, and the Flaming Lips. He was cofounder of moderately successful ’90s alt-rockers Geggy Tah. And let’s say this woman is Inara George, a solo-artist singer with a talent for sounding strong, bold, and intimate at the same time. She also led a couple of ’90s alt-rock also-rans. What’s more, she happens to be the daughter of Little Feat’s Lowell George.

Anyway, this man and this woman meet somewhere in Los Angeles and sparks fly. They start experimenting with a laid-back electronic sound that’s

influenced by Brazilian psychedelia and British indie pop. It’s the kind of music that sounds great playing over the PA at a trendy furniture store, even if the Bird and the Bee’s first single had a title you couldn’t say over the radio (“Fucking Boyfriend”).

You don’t understand what I mean yet, son? Let me put it this way: The Bird and the Bee recorded a faithful version of the Bee Gees’ syrupy “How Deep Is Your Love?” and got it on the soundtrack to the Sex and the City movie. That’s right, it’s chick music.

THE BIRD AND THE BEE, The Casbah, Thursday, February 5, 8:30 p.m. 619-232-4355. $10.

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