Make Art, Not Clowns

Dress up like a clown, go to a football game, and, voilà, you’re on the cover of the Reader (“Nuts and Bolts,” Cover Story, December 3). If you’re an artist, forget about it. Life is not fair. GO CHARGERS!

  • Dan Adams
  • via email

Wig Out

I just read the review by Jeff Smith of Bonnie and Clyde at the La Jolla Playhouse (Theater Review, December 3). Well written and very astute; however, at the end of the review he lists the designers. Well, most of the designers, that is. For some reason he omitted my name. I am the wig and hair designer for that show. The wigs and hair are a very important part of the production, helping to establish the feeling of the period. I think if he lists the designers, we should all be listed or none.

  • Carol Doran
  • via email

They Pay And Play, We Suffer

Re “Play the Sneaky Development Game” (“City Lights,” December 3). The Reader once again has provided a valuable service to the public by detailing how “pay for play” politics has driven the ill-conceived Merriam Mountains project, which would result in the development of 2700 homes north of Escondido in an area that is clearly a fire trap, endangering its residents, causing construction hassles for at least 15 years, adding an estimated 35,000 more cars to the already clogged I-15 freeway every day, and also causing megatraffic problems on local roads. And with water already in short supply, where do the developers expect to get the water to serve their new residents?

Does the San Diego County Board of Supervisors represent the public interest or the special interest of the Stonegate developers?

We shall soon find out and should keep this in mind when election time comes around.

  • Elliot Becker
  • via email

Reasonable Afterlife

Every week, I read cover to cover. Every week, in “Sheep and Goats,” the same question is posed at the end of the interview: “What happens when we die?” What happened to the question this time (November 19)? Regardless of God versus no God, the question is valid. We should hear what the San Diego Coalition of Reason believes about the event of dying.

  • Bob Ordway
  • via email

A Gift For Jorge

I was reading your article on Mexico and the story of Jorge (“México,” Cover Story, November 12). He is a hardworking man, and my hat goes off to him.

I would like to do something for him. I have a really nice wheelchair that is just sitting around my garage. Is there any way that you could get that to him?

Theresa Finelli

MOE Better Discounts

Here is my suggestion for “East Village Lowdown” (“City Lights,” November 12), by Nathaniel Uy.

Start the “MOE Loves You” campaign. “MOE” stands for Merchants of East Village.

If people have a ticket from a concert, sports event (college or professional), play, movie, or park (SeaWorld, zoo, or Wild Animal Park) with that day’s date on it, they would get a 10 percent discount on their bill.

For example, on November 11, 2009, anyone with a ticket from a concert, movie, etc., dated November 11, 2009, would receive a 10 percent discount on their bill on November 11, 2009, only.

This type of discount could be year-round. It is an effort to increase foot traffic in the East Village area for 365 days a year instead of just 82 days during baseball season.

I have experienced this type of discount at a restaurant near the Shark Tank in San Jose. In order to get the discount, I had to have that night’s Sharks hockey game ticket. I hope this suggestion will help keep MOE happy.

  • Chet Carney
  • via email

Excellent. Now we’re making progress. :)

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