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Go West, Young Men (Inside Switch)
  • Go West, Young Men (Inside Switch)

“There were maybe two venues in Harrisonburg for people to play,” says Inside Switch singer-guitarist Peter Hicks, who with bandmate and brother David Hicks (bass) moved the entire band from Virginia to San Diego last year. “I spent all my savings from working while finishing college — about $1000 — on the move out here. It was daunting, dropping everything, including a good job. It took me about two months to find work [in San Diego], with the recession being in full swing and the job market being practically dead.”

The group’s first local hookup was with Larger Than Life guitarist Devin Schlichting.

“I met him when we worked with disabled kids and pulled him in on the project. We first set up in Mission Valley, but since we spent all our time drinking in P.B., we just decided to move there. Devin lives with us now, and we all work as a big happy family out of our house.” The band also includes drummer Steven Owens. “Our first local gigs were for private parties and for a charity downtown.”

So why move to San Diego rather than L.A., Nashville, Austin, or someplace musically akin? “We fell in love with the culture when visiting San Diego,” says Peter. “Plus, we really wanted to try and be a part of something special with local flavor, rather than being just another act in a hugely saturated market. We also felt the bipolar qualities of our music suits the eclectic scene in San Diego, from soft piano ballads to harder alternative guitar-driven rock.”

Inside Switch, seen around town at O’Connell’s and Brick by Brick, are currently recording their debut album at Capricorn Studios.

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great article! saw these guys at o'connels and loved it. i'm going up to the show at the roxy with like 7 or 8 friends from high school. rock on! john morgan

Agreed JAMorgan, I saw them at O'connels as well and couldn't believe what I was hearing at first. I was just sitting at the bar having a few drinks with a friend, but as soon as they started their first song I didn't have a choice but to pay attention. Their sound is pretty oringinal, yet amazingly catchy at the same time. Talked to them after the show and got their myspace so I could find out when and where they were playing again, very much looking forward to it and checking out their album when they're finished!

saw them play at Queen Bee's in North park with some rapper. they did a cover of Wonderwall by oasis but right after the first verse they kicked in this sick distortion and turned the rest into a hard rock rap song. a couple of my friends and some guys formed a break dance circle. totally sick show. asked for a CD but they're not done yet. come on guys, get on it!

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