Mono Bizarro

“In my show, you touch and are touched,” says one-man-band Jeffrey Beringer, aka Mono Mono, whose cheeky act crosses KC and the Sunshine Band with the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow. “The music is electronic and danceable, but the subject matter includes taboos, from pansexuality to promiscuity, profanity, gender bending, sacrificing virgins, and extraterrestrial life.… I wrestle [audience members] in a plastic sumo [wrestler] suit until they scream.” He says that when he goes full Monty, audiences scream even louder.

“I started out as a sheltered but fierce gringo from the suburbs of Philadelphia,” says Beringer. “I majored in sociology at a small Quaker liberal arts college, but I was always an artist and activist at heart, and I’ve always known my calling is to somehow mix art and activism.”

After moving to San Diego in 2000, Beringer says, “I fell in love with Latino culture and developed a passion for border issues. I lived in my pickup truck for seven months while working as a social worker for the county, showering at 24 Hour Fitness gym and eating mostly peanut butter and jelly while I saved enough money to put a studio together.

“Twelve thousand dollars later, I moved out of my truck and into an apartment with room for a music studio.”

In the past three years, Mono Mono has played almost 200 venues and events in the U.S., including the House of Blues, San Diego Latino Film Festival, the San Diego Pride Festival, as well as in Mexico at the Corona Music Fest, the International Festival of Electronic Music, the Forum Jai Alai, Victor’s Bar, and Cafe Luna.

“Venue managers are sometimes horrified when they see me launch my massive hurricane of confetti, streamers, and foam. But drink sales are usually high, and cleanup is easy and quick, at least if you have a big broom, so I almost always get asked back. Sometimes things get a little rowdy, but I’ve never had a notable injury to report.”

“At present, my show is completely soft, stainless, and dry. Or, at the very least, it evaporates quickly.”

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I've attended some of Mono Mono's shows, and they are legendary...

Mono Mono's newest video "SI A LA VIDA," (translation: "Yes To Life") can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xewMYp...

Yay Mono Mono! Yay Jeffrey! :-)

Si a la vida!

Can't wait to see your show.

Besos y abrazos,


Jeffrey is a great artist and human being, I love his work and spirit! a true border ARTivist!

Pansexual rocks!! I love that song, is the most funny song i ever heard!! You need to give a chance to this great artist :D

Mono Mono's shows are a must see! Jeffrey’s creativity and spirit will entertain you through his artistic costumes, multitude of characters, and wild lyrics. Be sure to check out one of his shows - Once you experience the “sumo suit” first hand, you'll be hooked on Mono Mono!

He is the show man !!!

you can enjoy his performance every night and you wont get tired of

saludos de mexico

Thanks mono mono for all of the great concerts you’ve given us!!! Whenever my wife and I get the chance to experience your crazy performance we know we are in for good time! All of the props are always lots of fun.

What really makes it all click is the underlying message I see in his entertainment. It’s not just mindless distractions (which are nice too from time to time). I tell you, He’s one of a kind ;-)

Love me some Mono Mono...you rock my face off.

Nice review!!! I love Mono Mono!!! originality and great vibe and energy are some of the things I like the most. Can't wait to see him again performing.

Mono Mono, you just rock my world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah! Please do a much larger feature on his music and work. Thank you. I love MonoMono :)

I agree with the reviewer, though I'd say there's also a little Lady GaGa thrown in for good measure. With Mono Mono, however, first you see the spectacle and then you experience the substance, and wow, unlike a shock rocker or glam act, there's real substance there. Just scratch the surface and you begin to see what talent underlies the show. So, like many of Mono Mono's other very curious listeners, I can say Mono Mono may, just may, be a harbinger of American Pop in the coming decade. Wow, I hope so because what a fun decade this could be.

Jeffrey is a good friend of mine and a great performer. He performed at my venue alongside Destructo of HARDfest notoriety and shocked the living hell out of our patrons - they LOVED it. The photos are evidence, people are jumping and dancing in a shower of foam and confetti, and we could barely usher them out of there after last call. People love Mono Mono .... and I wish I could have exclusive rights to him in North Park!!

This deserves a longer story! Have you seen the website?! Sheesh! <3

Love this blurt, but Jeffrey deserves Mucho Mucho More!!! Such talent is a treasure, thankfully it's not so hidden, I hope to someday attend a show and meet my hero.

I love Mono Mono my favorite song is "ingles para el depravado" it was just yesterday that i played it at a friends house for a bunch of people and they loved it too! Jeffrey you need to come do a show in Los Angeles soon!!!!

Mono Mono isn't just an entertainer and educator -- he's a legend. He is loco -- it has to be seen to be understood, he defies all attempts at categorization and description. He is here to break down the barriers, real and metaphorical, that divide us from each other and from ourselves.

we need a bigger story so people understand the real Mono Mono, friend,entertainer and most of all a lovely human being.

We love you Mono!

Jeffrey Beringer, or Mono Mono, is a pioneer of the contemporary San Diego performance scene. He deserves a presence/voice in the greater regions of electronic music and performance art experimentation (aka in San Francisco, Tokyo, New York, Buenos Aires, to name a few.) Thanks for writing about him and hope to hear more engaging, indepth features on his work, his background and his plans for the future.

For more on Mono Mono, click his name in red type at the beginning of the article - that longer article also has links to other coverage he's gotten in the Reader -----

I'm here to add my voice to those who have already spoken here... Mono Mono is incredible in that he can bring a smile to your face in 30 seconds or less, guaranteed. What is it about him that taps into my most human self? I don't know, but I love his music. Si a la vida!!!

Yeah I remember an art gallery opening in San Ysidro (who the hell opens an art galery a block from the border?) and he was doing the show, standing on upside down chromed metal trash bins and wearing a striped costume blending English and Tyrolian styles, with more lights than a Christmas tree... and that was just the beginning! I hope we get reviews/schedules of his shows!


Mono Mono is San Diego's best kept secret. He is talented, creative and socially aware. His shows are an experience you will never forget. I commend the San Diego Reader for giving this underground talent the attention he deserves.

MonoMono is an amazing artist, we have been so fortunate to be able to share the stage with him.

Jeffrey is completely unique! As his stepmom of 23 years (yes, through those formative years...)it is wonderful to see his creativity flow and embraced by his fans. Love him with all my heart!

Not only has jeff been one to showcase his own talents, but has been very generous in encouraging and promoting other artists as far back as 2003 on his webpages. It gave hope to a fastfood poet like myself who needed a kind word. I've watched him for years and am so glad he is getting the attention he deserves.

We love Mono Mono !!! Congratulations and keep on being outrageous in your shows, you are a true original. I admire his activism, we need more people like that act upon what the believe in. Thanks for loving Mexican culture, traditions and understanding our problems. Mono Mono come back soon to Tijuana...pleaseeeeeeeee !!!!

MonoMono gives the word 'eccentric' a run for its money. His performances are unlike anything you have or will ever get to see. Whether wearing platform boots and a Troll-like wig, or covered with X-mas lights and green-striped tights, his music, dancing, and props would make a coma patient jump outta bed and shake his entropied limbs. Also, not only is Mono a talented artist, but also one of the nicest and modest human beings you'll ever come across. =)



Wow. I haven't seen Mono Mono perform live, though heard about the shows through friends, & now I really want to. I may have to make a trip down south just to see what Mono Mono is all about live.

Mono Mono, you need to show us some more!! Meeting you in Vegas was definitely a treat, and I would love to see you again! You must come to New Jersey...you must!!

Mono mono is amazing exiting dirty funny lovly but, really he`s beautiful intside and outside and i hope so the worl take a loock to him i love u mono and mèxico loves u too!!! PLEASE COME SOON... LOL:P

Tijuana Loves you =) You are the best !!!!!!!!!!!!

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