No Doubt about No Doubt

On Saturday, August 8, the Billboard-topping, Grammy-winning L.A. band No Doubt, fronted by pop diva Gwen Stefani, concluded their 2009 tour at Cricket Amphitheatre in Chula Vista. As my musical tastes tend to heavy metal, I did not expect this pop show to be one of my most memorable concert experiences.

The band has amazing energy, especially frontwoman Stefani, who captivates with dance moves while carrying a tune effortlessly. She had what can be described as a liberating effect on the audience, as they let their hair down, swayed their hips, and oozed sexuality. Stefani’s female fans appeared to transform when she sang to them, free to be the powerful women they'd been harboring all along.

Onstage, the unspoken theme of the night seemed to be "let your inner light shine." The performers’ colorful clothes and free dance expressed that they were living their passion. Their joy in their performance made me feel that they would be doing the same thing even if the audience were not there. The stellar musicianship perfected the experience from every angle.

No Doubt is a must-see show, no matter what type of music you listen to. Whether they're playing your favorite hit from ’95 or a song you've never heard before, you will not want the night to end.

Daniel Axelrod is a cultural and self-development writer. Read more of him at

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I liked No Doubt more when they played straight Ska. And I dig it more when their drummer joins Bow Wow Wow...the most underrated band of the 80s.

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