The Seed

There couldn't be a better title for this project than The Seed. If The Seed is about anything, it's about roots. On the EP, rappers Kahlee and Uptown Swuite and producer Adikt 1 come to define their identities by exploring their different roots -- to their city, their culture, and their music.

Although Kahlee and Adikt 1 reside in San Diego, they rep their Los Angeles hometown hard (Bay Area native Uptown Swuite keeps this vibe). "Ridin'" and "Summer Time" evoke sunny images of L.A., cruising in a low-rider while passing by palm trees, bikinis, and ice cream trucks. Deeper in, the trio goes beyond regional ties. The group members, all of Polynesian descent, draw parallels from their ethnic heritage to their present reality on "the Streets" and "Roots & Culture." Unfortunately, these songs come off as didactic and unbelievable, like when your English teacher tries to convince you that Shakespeare is just old school rap.

Despite the album's faults, production is solid throughout, anchoring it. The collection stays in the mold of traditional '90s hip-hop by employing soul samples. Once the trio can transcend their past, they may realize the promise ahead.

Album title: The Seed
Artist: Kahlee, Uptown Swuite, Adikt 1
Label: Independent
Songs: 1. Ridin', 2. Summertime, 3. Keep Rockin' On, 4. the Streets, 5. Find You, 6. Trying, 7. Roots & Culture

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I logged onto this, because I thought it was about The Seeks, that weird LA band from the 60s (with the hit song "Pushin Too Hard"). Since Sky Saxon recently died, I figured this was a review of his old band.

On a side note: Billy Corgan has a "Spirit in the Sky" tribute show he's doing, that is the song of the Seeds. They're playing a show at Che Cafe on UCSDs campus, Aug 30th. But tickets went on sale this afternoon, and it's probably already sold out.

Uh, Josh, you mean the Seeds, don't you?

Yeah. Stupid Typos. Maybe I was thinking about The Who song The Seeker, who knows.

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