Pipe Nightmare

Westcal Construction company owner Richard Chidgey arrived at a job site in National City early on the morning of July 28 and discovered that someone had unsucessfully tried to steal a copper fitting from the plumbing work in progress. The thief apparently attempted to remove the two-dollar part with the intent of recycling the metal and aborted the theft when water began spraying from a pipe.

The leaking pipe had flooded Westcal Construction's open trenches during the night or early morning hours. Chidgey called the water district for emergency utility shutoff. Eight water district trucks responded to the emergency, and multiple fire hydrants were opened to release pressure in the water lines.

When the district's workers attempted to close the main water line, the aged seal on the line broke, creating a geyser of water that was higher than 30 feet at the beginning of the repair, according to water district workers.

While the repair was under way, service was shut off for over an hour in approximately a quarter-mile area near East Plaza Boulevard and Highland Avenue.

Westcal Construction also said that shovels, sledgehammers, jackhammers, and approximately 2300 feet of copper electrical wiring were stolen Wednesday night. A police report was filed, and no suspects have been apprehended.

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I hate F-ing thieves! Too bad they didn't get electrocuted. If they catch them, they should hang them from the building at the construction site by the copper wire they stole as a warning to other would-be thieves.

I was burglarized last month to the tune of several thousand dollars....it is not fun, that's for sure.

A friend of mine just had ten thousand stolen from her yesterday.

My losses, although several thousand dollars, were more sentimental to me. Things that can never be replaced.

But in the end if someone walked in on the burglary there may have been violence, so in the overall scheme of things it is just money and material things, and material things mean nothing to me compared to the people in my life.

Police report was filed and that is all I can/could do.

So I try not to dwell on the loss and just move on.

Sounds like you have the best attitude one can in such circumstances, SurfP. I hope my friend can gain back some peace of mind as well. In the final analysis, however violated you feel, money and things cannot be as important as life and health.

Tell your buddy that is how to look at the situation. Your buddy will eventually be able to replace what was lost. You can never replace life.

My items will never be replaced sentimental, but I willl find other/new things to replace them sentementally (they were the most valuble things I owned). But, when valued against life they mean nothing, no one was hurt when my home was burglarized.

After a year passes your friend will be whole again, and won't think back on this short term loss. I am already past my losses and it has only been a month.

Think about it, someone who is willing to risk going into anothers home to steal is also probably willing to hurt or kill, your friend was not hurt, nor was their family.

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