Serial Office-Holder

Termed-out Democratic state Sen. Christine Kehoe has apparently set her sights on returning to the Assembly. After a failed bid for Congress in 1998, Kehoe, at the time a member of the San Diego city council, was first elected to the Assembly in 2000 and then jumped to the state senate in 2004. A recent financial filing of her “Friends of Christine Kehoe for Assembly 2012” committee reveals she raised $43,900 during the first half of this year, largely from special interests with legislative business, including Sempra Energy, Southern California Edison Co., Sprint, AT&T, Hawaiian Gardens Casino, and the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians. The committee spent $10,581, including big tabs for fundraising at posh Sacramento eateries, including Chops Steak Seafood & Bar ($2000); Ambrosia Fine Food ($795); and Lucca Restaurant ($663).

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Why anyone would vote for this useless politican, I have no idea

Hey Christine, How about giving others a chance to know our founding fathers never intended political office holders to have a life-long bite at the apple.... it time to find real work if you can.

Hey, J.W.

If we look at how and why societies collapse, one of the recurring patterns is the political elite becoming completely separate from the rest of the citizens.

Would you agree that seat jumping like this is a symptom of that pattern in our time?

At least Kehoe sponsored one good law...SB 93, clarifying that what is happening to Grantville, with redevelopment money being siphoned downtown by the City and County and notorious CCDC, is plainly illegal.

...but her bill is NOT undoing the harm to Grantville. Grantville Action Group is having to fund an expensive (but likely victorious) lawsuit for that.

Visit them at

...they deserve your support.



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