Playing Post Office

The Centre City Development Corp. is paying $10,160 to Heritage Architecture to create a “list of potential new uses, creative adaptive reuse design scenarios and provide cost-estimating services for the selected alternatives,” for rehabilitating the old downtown post office building on E Street, according to a July contract. CCDC’s Derek Danziger says there are no immediate plans to move the post office, but the agency ultimately wants to build a park on the south half of the block…Democratic Assemblyman Marty Block is gradually paying back the big debt his campaign owes to Richie Ross, the well-connected campaign consultant to ex-Speaker Willie Brown. According to recent financial disclosure filings, Block’s campaign paid $100,000 to the Sacramento-based Ross during the first half of this year. That leaves just $15,000 to go.

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Why not incorporate the Old Post Office building into the park and create a community center for the downtown population? The rooms could become meeting spaces, film viewing rooms, reading rooms, computer rooms, and study places for college and K-12 students.

I actually object to changing the Post Office parking lot to a green park because there is an enormous parking problem downtown. I believe there is a shortage of at leat 50,000 parking spaces for the existing uses. This is exacerbated by CCDC's renting of parking spaces in the public parking structures. Where would the users of the Post Office Building park, if the lot were greenbelt?

And finally, why plant landscaping during a drought? Watering a pocket park of this size would have a significant impact on the water supply for the entire downtown area.

Ronald V. May 100 Coast Boulevard La Jolla, CA 92037

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