A Book and a Brew

“I wrote a song that became a children’s book,” says New Archaic singer-violinist Alicia Previn, who will perform “The Earthworm Song” at an August 9 release party for The Earthworm Book at Escondido’s Stone Brewery. “The project took form because of my experience making compost,” says Previn, “and understanding the importance of what earthworms do for the earth. We’re inviting children to come see me perform, read from the book, dig for worms, and demonstrate building a worm box.”

The Stone Brewery event features Wild Truth bassist David Ybarra, who wrote and produced the music on the CD that accompanies the book, as well as a third performer making his first public appearance.

“My worm-puppet Tola is a hand-knitted replica of a real worm, with no eyes or ears,” says Previn, who doesn’t mind if someone takes Tola’s real-world brethren fishing. “One of the aspects of the book is the making of a worm box to grow more worms, so, yes, go ahead and use them to fish. In fact, I like to fish and cut bait.”

But why have a children’s concert at a brewery? “Stone Brewery happens to be unusual in that they run their whole operation using sustainable methods of growing, including their garden setting for the restaurant. The Earthworm Book is a good complement for their philosophy. Their events include ‘A Book and a Brew,’ including a children’s version.

“With nonalcoholic brew, of course.”

Past Event

Earthworm Wiggle!

  • Sunday, August 9, 2009, 2 p.m.
  • Stone Brewing Co., 1999 Citracado Parkway, Escondido
  • Free

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