Record Release Roundup

Irradio will play a free release party for their album I Am the Horn on Sunday, April 26, at the Casbah. “All attendees can expect a night full of magic, free food, good spirits, and constant vibrations of organized noise,” says singer-guitarist Daniel Dasher, the band’s sole remaining founder. “We’ve been working on the song ‘Grace’ by Jeff Buckley for some time, and we’d like to perform it that night. Something new we added is a woodwinds player who will blow your mind and a second guitarist who can sing like a gypsy.”

The album is produced by Mitch Wilson (No Knife) and will be available at CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and Jam Recordings.

Josh Damigo’s new CD debuts May 15 with a release party at Lestat’s. “This is a self-produced acoustic album,” he says, “so Lestat’s is the perfect place to present it, since I practically live off their latte already. Rob Deez is on the record, and he’ll be at the show, along with a special guest.” Damigo declines to specify who, though, he says, “It’s probably not Kid Rock.” (The Detroit rocker once showed up during a Damigo gig at Brick by Brick.)

The release party for the Shamey Jays’ debut CD Your Pretty Packages happens at Brick by Brick on May 23. “We’ve confirmed sets by the Anna Troy Band, Endoxi, and a special guest appearance by Beat Farmer Joey Harris,” says front man Dave Howard, who wrote 10 of the album’s 12 tracks. “This time, we’re on a local label, Blindspot Records, whose artist roster is more like family. Our labelmates — Anna Troy, Dave Humphries, the Shambles, and Four Eyes — are all local kindred spirits.”

Kim DiVine’s new album Square One comes out April 28, with a release party set for Lestat’s on May 29. “Expect to see me playing in a full band, which doesn’t happen a lot,” says DiVine, who moved from Massachusetts to San Diego in 2004. “I usually perform with my trio, but I want to bring out the full band and really replicate the sounds on the new album. I’m sure we’ll throw in a special cover song or two.… I’m known to play some Patty Griffin, some Radiohead, even Death Cab for Cutie…but who knows.”

Earl Thomas and the Rhythm Kings are having a CD-release party on Thursday, April 23, at Anthology in Little Italy. Two nights later, on April 25, Silverleaf celebrates its own new album at Lestat’s. Black Mamba’s release party for their new 12” happens April 30 in the Casbah’s Atari Lounge with Tape Deck Mountain, Drew Andrews, and Paddle Boat.

Psych punks Crocodiles, former members of Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower and the Prayers, release their much-anticipated debut album Summer of Hate on April 28, and the duo will play the Casbah May 11. Hard rockers Cage, now with former Psychotic Waltz drummer Norm Leggio, release their album Science of Annihilation on May 22.

Metal heads Sacrificial Slaughter have signed to Crash Records and announced a new album due to drop shortly; however, contacted by email, they declined to provide details. “Dude, we have performed and been covered all over the world. SD metal scene is pathetic and we don’t need it.”

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Deejha Marie plays the release party for her CD Carpet Ride on Sunday, May 3, at Dizzy’s, with guest pianist Sue Palmer.

John Miller’s new CD release party is scheduled for May 9 at O’Connell’s.

The Bleeding Irish are finishing a new album with local producer Mike Kamoo.

What up no love for The West Indies???

Record Release show April 24th at the South Park Bar and Grill 1946 Fern Street San Diego, California 92102

with performces by The West Indies, Kastle Creeps and Dj's Collagey and Rudy Palos

Act like ya know

Anyone else who - like the West Indies - have an upcoming record release, but haven't gotten around to telling the Reader yet, email me at [email protected], for inclusion in future Record Release Roundups. AS FAR IN ADVANCE AS POSSIBLE, PLEASE! Then I'll ask you some dumbass questions, request tracklist and details, etc etc etc ----

BTW, Revenge Club also have a new album about to ship (as they just told us today....)

word didnt know that was the e-mail I posted in the upcoming shows area but know I know for future reference

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