Israel Bissel, Jasmine, and Strike the Design

Artist: Israel Bissell
Song: “Angel Wings” (from the CD Disillusioned Hero)
Heard By: Bryan Whitman, North Park
I thought it had a good instrumental. I liked that they used a lot of wind instruments — they used more of an orchestra style than just a rock style. The singer had a really high-pitched voice. I think if the singer had a little bit lower-pitched voice it would have been easier to feel good about. It sounds a little bit like Led Zeppelin with the higher-pitched voice. I did like the lyrics. The chorus was about the “wings taking me up in the sky” or something like that. It seemed to me like it was about spiritual trust. I don’t think they’d have a big following in San Diego. Most San Diegans like funky music.

Artist: Jasmine
Song: “Somewhere in Between” (from the CD Somewhere in Between)
Heard By: Martine Hipolito, Mira Mesa
I thought it was a really good song. It spoke about two people — a man and a woman — having a relationship but not necessarily being tethered to each other. The woman obviously has more feelings for the man than the man does for the woman. It’s just her trying to explain the depth of her emotions for him. I think it’s folksy — it kind of reminds me of Anya Marina, the 94.9 DJ, mixed with Sarah McLachlan. She’s a very good singer. The guitar player was very good. The harmonizing was really nice. I think there’s a market for her music, especially in San Diego. I would buy her record. It definitely touched me.

Artist: Strike the Design
Song: “Transcending the Scope of Understanding” (from the CD Transcending the Scope of Understanding)
Heard By: Geronimo Ocampo, North Park
It was pretty good. I liked it. It had a good beat. I listen to different music, but I like it, though. I would compare them to Green Day. It was “rock.” I heard a lot of drums and guitar. They were really good at their instruments. I wasn’t really paying attention to the lyrics. It was a catchy song — I could see that being played on 91X. I picture myself driving my car and bobbing my head to that song. It had pretty good rhythm that would go well with driving a car. I’d give that song an 8 out of 10. I could see them playing the venue next door — Lestat’s West.

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