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Greater Golden Hill’s Maintenance Assessment District is looking for someone to fill the program-manager position. Yep, program manager Alia Kanani is moving on. The MAD committee isn’t seeing this as a bad thing because this time they will have more input in finding the right applicant than they did when Kanani was hired...which was, essentially, none.

At their September 15 meeting, the committee voted — 13 in favor, with 1 abstention — for a motion to post the available position on Craigslist, placing an emphasis on a more hands-on, maintenance management approach for their candidate.

For this go-around, each member of the committee will be allowed to send in questions to be asked of the applicant.

The motion, and the subsequent vote represents a change in business-as-usual for the committee, meaning residents of Greater Golden Hill will start seeing some productivity from their elected advisory committee — that is, if the members are able to quell the bickering and infighting amongst themselves.

Minutes before the motion to post the opening on Craigslist, a resident of Greater Golden Hill spoke to the committee during the public comment portion of the meeting.

“I want to know where the money is going and how is this helping me,” said the concerned resident in a quavering and angry voice. “I didn’t know about this thing until my taxes came around, and it was double than everyone else’s. And how do I find out why mine is so much higher?”

MAD chairman David Skillman began to answer the resident, but before he was able to put a few words together, fellow committee member Ben Nicholls reminded Skillman of the new rules adopted by the committee to ensure the meetings proceed with some level of productivity. “I don’t mean to be Parliamentarian here, but we need to operate in an orderly fashion and having this free-roaming dialogue doesn’t accomplish that.”

After the two exchanged some bitter words, the resident was asked to stay after the meeting for some answers.

The rest of the meeting wasn’t without sarcastic comments about adhering to the new, more rigid, set of procedures. Though, the committee did approve the motion to post the program-manager position on Craigslist and passed a proposal from committee member Barbara Houlton to accept a tentative plan for distributing MAD’s monies.

The meeting marked one of the few times the Greater Golden Hill MAD resolved more than one agenda item in a meeting’s time. Attend their meeting on October 20th to see if they can keep the madly productive streak alive!

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You wrote, "At their September 15 meeting, the committee voted — 13 in favor, with 1 abstention." Which is yet another example of your poor reporting. This recording of the vote is impossible as there were only 10 committee members in attendance.

Facts often do trickle in with the misinformation you provide but I agree with you on one thing. Interested parties should attend the meeting on October 20th.

Congradulations to Alia on the new job. It is a excellent carreer move and I wish you great success. The new Program Manager will benefit from the work you have done for the MAD.

I've read a lot of negative comments about MAD on this website. Today, as I watch the CCC clear brush and dead trees from the canyon I live on, I couldn't be more pleased with MAD. This was the result I've been hoping for. I've lived in this house for over five years and repeatedly submitted formal requests to the city to reduce the fire hazard in this canyon. This is the first action I've seen taken. They've been out here two days in a row, working their tails off, and picking up trash to boot! So far, so good MAD! Keep up the good work!

Please don't forget, we are talking about almost a million dollars here. This could build a new community center on one of the City-owned properties (assuming they don't sell them all first). That is a high cost for brush removal, even picking up trash to boot.

Good point, nostalgic. When fire races up this dry-brush canyon and burns all the houses along it, we're all gonna need a place to stay. That community center will come in real handy then.

Spark, I believe fire control is the City of San Diego's responsibility. We also pay property taxes to support the Fire Station on 25th Street. Actually, fire control is not one of the benefits promised by the MAD. But I am glad to see a public spirited canyon resident happy.

Thanks for pointing that out, nostalgic. I completely agree. The fire dept's been out here before and warned us we need to call the City of San Diego and have someone come out to take care of this. The City's been out here several times too, but they always claim not to have the funding to maintain things properly. They don't make a practice out of maintaining overgrowth or clearing dry brush. They've got an "after the fact" policy in effect -- which means the Street Division will only come out and trim if and when a tree falls and damages persons or property. Parks & Rec doesn't see it as their responsibility because it's open space. It's a vicious cycle. Everyone that comes out agrees that something should be done, but nothing has ever been done until now. Our home insurance has even been canceled before due to the fire hazards! Sorry for the tangent, but it's been a really trying experience to deal with the City. I understand that it's not MAD's objective to reduce fire hazards for canyon residents, but I really like that we are finally seeing some action in some long-neglected areas of this community, and -- to me -- that is the true objective, and reward, of MAD. If you haven't tired of the discussion, I'm genuinely curious why you would hope to see the money spent on a community center, and what potential purpose(s) it would serve.

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