Oh, Cheeseburger!

My slang word comes from my quest to swear less. I know that it’s kind of an old word, but I say, “snap.” I say it whenever I’m surprised or shocked or exclaiming about something. I picked it up from my friend’s nephew. I don’t like people swearing when there are kids around, so I picked up a few words to say. It bothers me to hear it, you know? I also say, “Oh, cheeseburger!” That doesn’t mean anything, but it’s another phrase to say instead of cuss words.

Derrol Murphy | Age: 30 | Occupation: Production Assistant | Lives: Talmadge

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sometimes i say "Oh, Derrol Murphy!"

I wonder how many of us now say "Gas and Electric!"...

For awhile, I seemed rather patriotic by exclaiming "God bless America!" instead of an invocation of something else.

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