That '70s Party

One guy who had on a crazy outfit told me about decorating for the party. He said most places don’t sell strobe lights because people can have seizures from them. I noticed that they had laser-style lights shining on the walls.

“Did you buy that outfit just for this party?” I asked the guy. “No, I already owned this. The shoes were all I had to buy.” I glanced down and saw that they were shiny and white. “They were $30 at Buffalo Exchange in Hillcrest,” he informed me.

I said, “Hey, my girlfriend and I were there today looking for accessories for our outfits.”

I then remembered the woman in the store talking about her 21st birthday party that night. I asked her if I could crash it, and she said, “Why?”

When I told her that I write about parties, the guy behind her in line said, “Are you Josh? You crashed a party I had for my dog a few years ago.” This got the woman excited. She took my number and said she’d call.

I glanced down at my cell phone. It was nearing midnight, and I still hadn’t heard from her.

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maybe she had a few drinks and forgot...

The party came to a screeching halt when a fire extinguisher fight broke out. Good times, thanks for the party Joe! You are so disco.

Thanks pete. But, I've had enough women tell me, "Oh, I, uh...have to wash my hair that day," to know when I'm being blown off!

I met a guy recently that said he was going to invite me to a party a few years back, but someone talked him out of it, saying that I could write some negative stuff about them, and it wasn't worth the risk. Could be something like that, who knows.

Dang, I missed the extinguisher fight. Ever since I saw Letterman blast Richard Simmons with an extinguisher, I always thought it would be cool to see one in person.

Ya know, cops shut down parties for various reasons. Firefighters sometimes, for things that are deemed a "fire hazard."

So, if there's a "fire extinguisher fight," what would fire marshals have to say on that? I mean, it's actually making things safer, isn't it?

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