Trash Talking: Allied Seeks to Expand Sycamore Landfill

Allied Waste Services, the national waste hauler that operates the City of San Diego’s Sycamore Landfill off State Route 52 at Mast Boulevard near Santee, is ramping up its campaign to expand the facility. Neighbors oppose plans favored by Allied to grow the already supersized dump into the county’s biggest landfill, with Santee officials leading the charge. They complain that more than doubling the trash capacity from 71 million cubic yards to 157 million cubic yards would have unacceptable impacts on the community.

On July 30, Allied filed a lobbyist registration statement with the San Diego city clerk’s office; it lists a team of three employees, led by Johnnie Perkins, the company’s director of municipal sales and marketing. According to the disclosure, during the second quarter of this year Perkins and his cohorts contacted councilwoman Toni Atkins as well as two employees of the City’s Development Services Department and two others from Environmental Services. During the same period, the Allied lobbyists gave a total of $620 in campaign contributions to Todd Gloria, an aide to Democratic congresswoman Susan Davis, who is seeking to replace Atkins in the Third District. Allied’s Bud Chase gave $100 to Jerry Sanders. Campaign-contribution reports show that from December 2007 through June of this year, various Allied employees have chipped in a total of $1000 to council candidate Carl DeMaio, who was elected to the council’s Fifth District in the primary; $420 to Seventh District candidate April Boling; and $620 to Boling’s opponent Marti Emerald. This fall, four company workers gave a total of $965 more to Boling.

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Yet more trash-money for trash-talking Todd Gloria.

Is there anyone Todd Gloria WON'T take money from?

Let's review who backs Todd Gloria:

Manchester Financial Group:

They also support Proposition 8, the measure that would take away the right for gays to marry. How can Todd Gloria, who is himself gay, take money from gay-bashing bigots?

Centre City Development Corporation:

The disgraced CCDC Board loves Todd Gloria. They know he's never going to do anything to block their taxpayer giveaways to wealthy developers. That's why they gave him so much money.

Epsilon Systems:

Why does a defense contractor give bundles of money to Todd Gloria? It's because they have a big interest in the Navy Broadway Complex downtown and even bigger interest in kissing up to Todd's congressional boss Susan Davis.

What a sham.

The more we learn about Todd Gloria and his tainted money, the less we like him.

Todd, if you can't do the right thing and return these dirty contributions, how can we trust you on the city council?

...and, Todd, please post comments using your real name, not your phoney-baloney aliases like "District_3_Resident" or the nonexistent "Stephen_Davis_from_South_Park". San Diego deserves the truth for a change. You need to come clean about who is really funding your negative political campaign.

Whitburn is just another tainted political hack.

Here are FIVE things he is trying to cover up:

(1). He greased his campaign with over $100,000. Surprisingly, Whitburn has no assets besides a 1991 Honda Civic. Where does a person who can’t afford a car with power windows come up with $100,000 for a political race?

Why won’t Whitburn come clean about the source of his money? Was it illegally obtained? If not, is this the type of shabby fiscal management we need at City Hall?

(2). Stephen Whitburn accepted an out-of-state contribution from a Texas attorney at the law firm of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP. This firm was lead counsel for George W. Bush in Bush vs. Gore, which gave Bush the election and sent our country on a spiraling downward path.

Why can’t Stephen Whitburn make better decisions?

(3). Whitburn claims to be a San Diegan, but he is from back East, doesn’t own a home in our City and has moved at least three times in the last 8 years. If elected, most District 3 residents will have been in their area longer than their councilmember. Whitburn is not an involved community member, but instead a calculating opportunist.

Is Whitburn fit to hold office when he has such a limited history and understanding of the District and its needs?

(4). Whitburn’s campaign propaganda claims he will stand up to developers and lobbyists. In fact, Whitburn has accepted thousands of special interest dollars from:

Developers, Real Estate Executives and Mortgage lenders, including campaign cash from firms that have foreclosed on hundreds of San Diego’s working families.

High-priced Downtown Lawyers, including contributions from a law firm whose lead lawyer is in Lompoc Federal Prison for multiple felonies, including, fraud and racketeering.

Oil and Gas Executives responsible for outrageous gas prices that are gouging middle class working families.

If Whitburn is so close to the special interests, aren’t the residents of District 3 sure to lose with Steven Whitburn? How can the voters put their trust in a candidate that says one thing and does another?

(5). Whitburn proudly touts the endorsements he received from a convicted criminal. John Hartley, a former candidate for District 3, plead guilty to a lewd conduct in public charge during the election and is listed as a proud supporter of Whitburn. After his plea, Hartley was banned from his day job-- substitute teaching in the San Diego Unified School District. Is this someone you would be proud to have support you?

With this impaired judgment, is there any question why law enforcement has refused to endorse Whitburn’s candidacy for City Council?

Perhaps, Matt, instead of just reviewing the donations from waste management companies to Gloria's campaign, you might want to look at Housing Commissioner Gloria's votes on contracts between the Housing Commission and those same companies. Then you might want to call Gil Cabrera at the Ethics Commission to see if he has anything to say about Mr. Gloria.

"Stephen Davis from South Park" does not exist except online. There is no registered voter in the District with the name "Stephen Davis".

This character was created solely to spread lies about Stephen Whitburn. Why? Because Todd Gloria wants to distract you from examining his record of taking dirty money.

Frankly, I think it is Todd himself masquerading as a citizen, who is writing these lies. He also poses as "District 3 Resident" and "2MuchSense", both fake monikers that use the identical language and organization we see above.

I support Stephen Whitburn because I know he will team up with Donna Frye to put an end to San Diego's culture of corruption. Todd, on the other hand, is good friends with exactly the people who have run this city into the ground.

Have a look at this:

...and this:

Unlike Todd Gloria and his cowardly aliases, we can point to verified facts about Gloria's backers and the secret deals he has made to sell out San Diego. We don't hide behind fake names because we are proud of Stephen Whitburn and his endorsement by the Democratic Party and Donna Frye.

Stephen Whitburn is a reformer, and the downtown insiders will do ANYTHING to prevent his election. They know that Todd Gloria will bend over and do whatever they ask.

Stephen Whitburn has the courage to stand up for our neighborhoods. That's why he has my support. The more people learn about the issues and candidates in this race, the more the choice becomes clear.

Elect Stephen Whitburn to the City Council, or we'll get another decade of delay, deny and deceive...

Fred Williams A REAL Voter in District 3


I'm as real as the pimple on your ass. Here's the truth: Todd Gloria is a THIRD generation native of District 3.

Whitburn, on the other hand, moved to town a few years ago and is political hack trying to buy the election. Whitburn has now greased his own campaign with nearly $200,000 of his own money, yet he refuses to disclose the source of his money.

Remember, Whitburn owns no house, has refused to donate in the past to The Center of San Diego due to inadequate funds, but now has nearly $200K to try to buy an election?

There's nothing dirtier than an out of towner trying to buy a political seat, which is the only thing Whitburn offers.

Alternatively, Todd Gloria is a homegrown civic hero who's trying to better our quality of life. Gloria is clearly the good choice of council.


Stephen Davis Lifetime Voter

No, Stephen Davis, you are not in the registrar's list of registered voters. Your posts are identical to the ones made by "District 3 Voter" and "2muchsense", two other aliases you use to spread lies about Stephen Whitburn.

The rest of your allegations are just as transparent as your fake identities. Ten minutes of fact checking shows that you're not telling the truth, but are very interested in having the City continue down its current path toward bankruptcy at the hands of greedy developers and self-interested insiders.

That's why Donna Frye and the Democratic party shun Todd Gloria. He cannot be trusted.

Stephen Whitburn has the support of the community, instead of relying on anonymous cowards like the very fake "Stephen Davis of South Park".


Let's stick to the issues.

Fact 1: Stephen Whitburn has greased his campaign with nearly $200,000 of his own money. He doesn't own a home, have any assets (other than a 15 year old car) and works for a non-profit. That's doesn't add up. Why won't Whitburn come clean about the source of his campaign cash?

Fact 2: Todd Gloria is endorsed by the Democratic Women's Club of San Diego, FDR Democratic Club, San Diego Young Democrats, former Democratic Senator Dede Alpert, Democratic Congresswoman Susan Davis, the City Firefighters, CityBeat, Police Officers Association, League of Conservation Voters, former Democratic State Senator Jim Mills, Democratic Senator Denise Ducheny, and thousands upon thousands of democrats in District 3.

Whitburn is using undisclosed campaign cash to try buy this election.

Fumbler! How's come you're not a speech writer? No one can touch you at unloading vitriol and invective! You make both of those losers running for president look like a coupla pantywaists! (No, wait, I mean pantywastes.) Fred for mayor, Fumber for his press secretary on the Humongous Wheatgrass Porno Party ticket.

......tonight I joined some very young students from College holding up WHITBURN signs in the heart of Hillcrest durning the peak of rush hour. There was much waving and horn blowing as we all truely believe in Stephen....and some Gloria shouters too yelling Gloria! Then, there was an older Gay Couple in the crowd, approaced us to cross the intersection. They both looked at us and the huge WHITBURN sign with disgust and were eager to get to the the next corner. I recognized one...oh yes,...we crossed paths months ago...I believe he was once Chair of Hillcrest Business Association and was also actively attending any important meetings to voice his STRONG belief on having the 301 Monster building in the Historical district of the Village. Through Activisim from neighbors who took to the streets because there was no true voice from 3rd District City Officals, including long time calender clerk for Susan Davis...Todd. After months of raising money and trials, it Failed. Suddenly, a horn beaped for Whitburn which brought me to the now.....there is a new sense of rhythm on the streets...a new beat...a feeling of Change...that some can't seem to welcome....well I can..and Do..and others too...He's a Breath of Fresh Air....so WHITBURN for Our City Council...Rick Wilson....Hillcrest....

Stephen Whitburn has NEVER covered up the source of his savings. Unlike his opponent, who has been calendar clerk to Susan Davis for eight years, Stephen Whitburn has been working in the real world for twenty five years and saving his money. It's precisely because he had the foresight NOT to buy into the housing bubble that he's got money now for doing something important...fighting corruption in San Diego.

Reporting by Matt Potter, CityBeat and VOSD documents the plain fact that downtown insiders have ganged-up to give Todd Gloria a golden shower of campaign contributions. Using false identities, Gloria is spreading obvious lies about Stephen Whitburn.

When Stephen Whitburn is on the Council, there won't be any more secret back room deals for developers!

(OH NO. Think fast...give more money to Gloria...protect our interests.)

When Stephen Whitburn is on the Council, he'll propose DISSOLVING the corrupt and mismanaged SEDC and CCDC, returning the money to the taxpayers!

(OH NO...that'll hurt our bottom line...spread some lies about Whitburn...)

When Stephen Whitburn is on the Council, he'll join with Donna Frye in reforming the way city does business, actually ENCOURAGING citizen participation instead of ignoring the residents and neighborhoods!

(OH NO...if the citizens find out what we've done...send Gloria more money AND make stuff up about Whitburn...we've gotta pull out all the stops on this one...)

It's not easy going up against all that money and power wanting to continue its stranglehold on San Diego. Developers who have grown accustomed to running the city to their own benefit won't give up their loot without a fight.

Stephen Whitburn just continues pointing to the facts. Our city is broken and it needs to be fixed. Downtown secret deals must be stopped. We have to be serious and focused on the crises we face. No time for political games now, Gloria. This is serious and we need serious change.

I've been using my real name online for a long time now, and that's because I back up what I write. If you want to use a pseudonym online, that's cool with me. At least "fumber" doesn't pretend to be someone he's not. But when you use multiple identities you are breaking the rules of online discourse.

"Stephen Davis from South Park" does not exist. I have checked at the Registrar of Voters. Anyone can do the same. He's fake.

He also uses "2muchsense", "district3voter" and other aliases.

REAL people are voting for Stephen Whitburn because we REALLY want REAL CHANGE for San Diego.

You can read more and see a picture of me at:



Fred Williams

Todd Gloria is in everyone's pockets (Unions, developers, special interests, gays, gay-bashers)

He's an equal opportunity crook.

Gloria is also a lackey for Susan Davis who was the only local congressional leader to vote for the $800 Billion bailout to Wall Street.

.....Whats with receiving this Trashing Whitburn Campaign Mailout today? The front cover has what appears to be a Drag Queen's hands with long black fingernail claws squeezing the hand of a white womans hand. NO TO WHITBURN is the message. Both candidates are Gay. Rumor has it that Mr. Murray (DragQueen Nicole) is linked to this. Who is behind this? Who paid for these expensive mailouts? Please investigate this campaign "CLAWGATE" Trash!....Rick Wilson...Hillcrest......

I've got state disclosure forms 400, 401, and 498 dated 17-24 Oct. 08

"San Diego Voter Education Project"

--> Eugene P. Heytow of Rancho Santa Fe: $5,000

--> Robert Lehman of San Diego: $5,000

Paola Avila of San Diego is the only person listed under "Individuals Who Authorize Contents of Slate Mailers".

Paola Avila is also the Treasurer.

James Sutton of San Francisco is the "Assistant Treasurer".

They both share a 415 phone number and what appear to be business addresses. (Should I post the number here, Admin?)

The mailer in question also has a list of ballot recommendations, for which wealthy developer Thomas Sudberry Jr, again using a business address, tossed in another thousand dollars supporting C, and opposing B.

I'll have a look around the internets and write about the results over at Abnormal Heights. Post anything you find, please. Let's make this a group effort!



Let's stick with the issues:

Issue #1: Fred Williams is a beligerant queen.

Issue #2: Stephen Whitburns is an out-of-towner trying to buy the election. Do you know that Whitburn has greased his own campaign with nearly $200,000 of his own money?

Yet, Whitburn REFUSES TO COME CLEAN about the source of those funds.

Remember...Whitburn makes about $55,000 a year working for a non-profit and doesn't own a house.

Where did he get almost $200K? Whitburn's politics are plain ole ugly!

Fact #3: Whitburn is a tremendous HYPOCRITE. He has taken thousands of dollars from developers, bankers and lawyers trying to influence City Hall.

SAY NO TO DIRTY POLITICIANS, say no to Stephen Whitburn!


Where is Whitburn getting the 200K he is greasing his campaign with?

Comment #19 is copy/pasted from:


Comment #20 is yet another fake alias from the poster also known as "Stephen Davis from South Park", "District3Resident", 2MuchSense", and now "kensington".

Reader readers, make up your own minds.


Fred Williams

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