So Cows Can Lie Down

Thank you for your attention to Prop 2 (“Breaking News,” October 16). Prop 2 is a modest initiative that will allow farm animals to do four things: stand up, lie down, turn around, and extend their limbs. It’s that basic.

San Diego leaders from Mayor Jerry Sanders to Councilwoman Donna Frye have endorsed Yes on Prop 2. We all agree that animals — including those raised for food — deserve humane treatment.

Cramming tens of thousands of animals into tiny cages, as factory farms are currently doing, fosters the spread of disease that may affect humans. That’s why the leading food-safety groups, including the Center for Food Safety, have endorsed Yes on Prop 2.

When factory farms warehouse huge numbers of animals in tiny cages, they create vast amounts of waste that seeps into our streams, rivers, and groundwater. Yes on Prop 2 sends a strong statement that this industry cannot continue to hold profits above animal welfare, public safety, and our environment.

Please join me in voting yes on Prop 2!

Kath Rogers
via email

He’s Alive

I need to make certain that your readers understand that I am not quitting playing music live, only stopping recording myself and others (“Blurt,” October 16). I am still playing monthly at Lestat’s West and planning to tour next year in promoting my final album, Bird in a Cage.

Gregory Page
via email

Bad Proposition

I am firmly against Encinitas Proposition K, although I don’t have a vacation rental myself (“Sand Never Sleeps,” “City Lights,” October 9). I feel this proposition is incorrectly designed in that it lumps the little guy who lives on-site, and who may choose to rent out part of the year only, with large vacation rentals, which charge thousands per week and rent out year-round.

Encinitas short-term vacation rentals under three units already must pay a $150-per-year permitting fee, while hotels and motels aren’t subject to this charge.

Importantly, we have too much sand now and are out of balance. The finger reefs are being filled in; the kelp is dying. Surfing conditions are being adversely affected. The California Coastal Coalition is financed by Encinitas and other cities and government entities, as well as private property owners. The sand is used to armor the bluffs to protect private property owners who aren’t allowed seawalls, except in emergency circumstances, according to the Coastal Commission.

The ultimate goal, as expressed by Steve Aceti, head lobbyist of the Coastal Coalition, not to be confused with the California Coastal Commission, is to have artificial reefs. That would further destroy the surf!

Vote no on K, please!

Lynn Braun Marr

Write On

Re “Off Broadway” (Feature Story, October 9). Someone let Bryan Varela bum another smoke and let him keep writing! Loved it!

Dennis Horton
via email

Un-American Behavior

Re “Un-American Checkpoints” (Letters, October 16).

My dear Mr. Peppard: Are you kidding? It appears you blame your experience on the Border Control, who “has gotten wildly out of control in post-9/11 America, and needs to be reined in.” With that, I have to once again ask: Are you kidding? If you had just opened your trunk as requested, the entire matter would have probably taken no more than five minutes. But by acting as though you had something to hide, you only created more suspicion. Who the heck cares if you’re a paid-up member of the ACLU or AAA? What the hell does that have to do with it? It doesn’t matter if you quote the Fourth Amendment or Hundredth Amendment. After the tragedy of 9/11, the Border Patrol is stepping up to help protect our country, and it’s obvious that on that “sunny Saturday afternoon,” by acting on “principle,” you stupidly created your own nightmare. Consequently, I am pleased to hear that the Border Patrol, who obviously deemed your reluctance to open your trunk as suspicious behavior, acted appropriately and wisely.

To ensure the safety of America and Americans alike, each and every airport security team pulls people aside for further investigation and yes, even with U.S. passports. Sometimes it is because they have aroused suspicion and other times randomly. I say, good for them, and good for any government or other service that works to protect us.

No, the Border Patrol has not “become a clear and present danger” to Americans. People like you have! People who think nothing of playing mind games and wasting the patrol’s precious time by using ignorant behavior. Wake up! They are trying to protect our country from illegal aliens, drug traffic, and terrorists. And, as far as immigrants are concerned, if they have nothing to hide they should have nothing to fear.

I was born a U.S. citizen and love my country. Therefore, I will support and promote every viable means to protect it from even the most remote possibility of another 9/11. If this protection causes you to believe the U.S. may eventually “devolve into a third world type of police state,” I would suggest you go visit a third world police state. Maybe then you would learn the difference between “control” and “security.”

I just can’t understand people like you. If you call yourself an American, why don’t you behave like one? Well, if you knew better, I guess you’d do better!

Name Withheld by Request

Where Clapton Goes To Church

I think the “Sheep and Goats” articles are great! I only wish they were organized in a way other than by neighborhoods. I also don’t get to see a Reader more than occasionally. Here’s the deal:

Most churches I have attended suffer from one of a few things that make them fine for most folks but I get tired of them:

1. A pastor who really doesn’t understand scripture…doesn’t get that Jesus lived during the Roman Empire, the Pharisees weren’t all a bunch of zealot-idiots, and we are not going to a place in the clouds when we die. Also, I prefer solid expository preaching, without an opening joke or cute story. Sermons don’t all need happy endings either.

2. The service is either the same as it was 400 years ago or else reminiscent of Ed Sullivan, Mike Douglas (remember him?), or countless other variety shows, where the entertainment is everything. On the flip side, if scripture is not read and preached on, I’m outta there!

3. Praise bands that sound like they are singing love ballads…they certainly don’t capture the power of the Word. I like a traditional choir, or I like a blues or gospel group — nothing in between. I am sick and tired of smarmy praise music.

Here’s my point: can’t you create a table where you rank churches on competence of the preacher, seriousness of the service, and edginess of the music?

For example, I am looking for a church where Eric Clapton or Van Morrison would want to go. In my case, I live in East County (Jamul), so I know I am going to have to drive wherever I choose. However, a few tables of relative merits of the churches Mr. Lickona has reviewed would be very helpful.

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