For Just One More Show

The Penetrators got their break in the mid-’70s, opening for the Ramones at SDSU’s Montezuma Hall. “During that period,” says singer Gary Heffern, “we racked up a number of concert disasters all over San Diego.

“There was the time we played at the San Dieguito High School gym, and someone in the band got caught either smoking pot or drinking. The principal stopped the show, and the kids went crazy and had a teenage riot. One of those kids reminded me of that show years later; his name was Eddie Vedder.” The future Pearl Jam vocalist eventually appeared on Heffern’s Painful Days album.

“We played the California Theatre, and a bouncer started beating up a kid, and [the bouncer] ended up hitting me when I tried to stop him. Kids started pulling up their seats and throwing them at the bouncers.… I turned around, and a cop was telling me I was under arrest for inciting a riot. The news that night had cops in full riot gear showing up.…

“There was also the time we first headlined the Community Concourse [downtown], with Dick Dale opening, and after the show, punks were throwing garbage cans into the bank windows from the upper parking lot. Once again, cops showed up in riot gear. They were there again when we did the first of a two-night stand at the La Paloma [Theatre in Encinitas], along with the fire department, but that time it was because the music pit collapsed.”

Gary Heffern’s new album Consolation will be released on iTunes and Amazon on October 15, with guest players including Steve Berlin (Los Lobos), Alejandro Escovedo, and Peter Case.

The Penetrators reunited in November 2005 to play a tribute show at the Casbah for Dan McLain (aka Country Dick Montana), the band’s drummer who’d died on stage ten years earlier. Heffern says, “The Penetrators will play one final reunion show in January, for the Casbah’s 25th anniversary. That’ll be two gigs in a row with no police intervention. Hopefully.”

– Jay Allen Sanford

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Was at that last reunion show, will try to make this next one too. A long flight to get there, but I guess it's a longer flight for Heffern! Living is a job because of people like him....


Thanks to Jay for the article. Due to the fact I am living in Finland (and this being self-released), there is a delay as far as the CD itself being available on Amazon. The downloads are available on Amazon mp3, and emusic.com now. you can email me for immediate copies of the cd's at [email protected] . It's great to see my old friend Scat getting some attention as well, boy, the stories I could tell you about THAT guy!!! another guy you folks should be watching out for there is Eric Heuschele. Oh yeah, here's another story for you...the night before the clash played that show with the standbys, they came to an after-prom show that we played with the paladins at...I'm thinking La Jolla (?)...I remember I had a broken foot (my main toe-bone came up through the top of my foot, during an on-stage flip in Arizona...had to spend 5 days in the hospital on that one, and wait for swelling to go down, so they could re-break and re-set it)...anyways, I remember doing the show in pajamas and a cane, which strummer and company kept stealing during our show....man I loved the clash...also, after all these years, I actually have had some contact with the world famous lou skum from the injections... Ah, San Diego I still love and hate you from the bottom of my little punk rock heart.

Gary Heffern

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