Who’s the Diva?

When Celine Dion appears on Tuesday, November 25, at the Sports Arena, “Any damage to [power and sound] cables, due to a forklift or other machine pass, will be charged to Presenter and will not be a show cost.” In addition, “The Presenter is required to use any and all possible measures to prevent the recording, broadcast, filming, photographing, or taping, in any manner whatsoever of any portion of the performance.…

“The Presenter agrees to arrange to have a doctor on twenty-four [hour] call to hotel or venue…the Presenter and staff must be prepared to furnish telephone numbers and addresses for physiotherapist, massage, late-night pharmacies, music stores, electronics and computer shops, and restaurants.”

At this writing, sandiegoticket.com is selling seats in section D, row 2, for $900 each.

When New Kids on the Block perform on Tuesday, November 25, at Cox Arena, “All furniture for the band, vocalists, and support acts must be padded or upholstered, the towels should be bath size, [and] soap should be of top quality.” In addition, “Local crew must not eat Producer’s crews’ breakfast, lunch, or dinner.”

Dressing room requirements include a case of assorted soft drinks, a relish tray (“relish, onions, peppers, pickles”), two bags of cookies or candy, and four quarts of ice cream (“Swiss almond, chocolate, strawberry”).

At this writing, ticketsnow.com is selling seats in section EEE, row 12, for $621 each. (from thesmokinggun.com)

– Jay Allen Sanford

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Supposedly, her show is cancelled. Maybe this has something to do with it?

Why would anyone want to cough up 900$ to see her anyway. That's redonkulous.

Barf out! Gag me with a spoon! Please, someone explain the attraction. Why do people pay money to hear that donkey braying? My idea of torture is to be strapped to a chair and force fed Celine Dion until I confess sins I never committed. Blech.

I agree with you 110% MsGrant. She also looks scary, you would think with all the money she makes from people.... Ahh those Canadians. :)

Well fumbler, looks like you're in good company...

Response to post #5. Wow that was original. I have never read a comment from you like that before. You Fumbles, really are something special.....

Do they really have almonds in Switzerland?

What a ridiculous little non-story!

ALL artists have riders specifying their (or their staff's) needs/wants for each venue. The examples provided for both Celine Dion and New Kids on the Block are pretty boring and routine compared to some of the bizarre requests. You use the "Who's the Diva?" headline for THAT? How silly.

Lame story. Oh and the photo is over 5 years old, at least get a more recent stock photo!

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