Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Frightened Rabbit were joined onstage by an uninvited guest when they played North Park’s U31 on November 5.

“I don’t really like to call people out,” blogs Rosey Bystrak at, “but, to the drunk girl who thought she was so cute by getting onstage while the band was playing, you aren’t cute, it wasn’t funny, and in speaking to the band after, they were not happy.…

“I grabbed [a club employee] to get her off the stage, and the f***ing gall of this chick to think it was okay to stand, first behind the keyboardist, even after he tried to discreetly tell [her] to get the f*** off the stage, was not cool. Then she moved behind the amps next to the drummer, who was clearly irritated.”

According to club patron Joey Rodriguez, “U31 always has drunk chicks.… Look at all the videos on YouTube showing girls flashing their tits and falling down drunk in the bathroom. It’s like free advertising – it’s Girls Gone Wild at U31.”

At this writing, among several YouTube clips purporting to be shot at U31 is one that appears to show an inebriated, dark-haired woman vomiting into a restroom sink, with bystanders (both male and female) cheering her on.

The woman who got onstage with Frightened Rabbit can be seen in a video of the incident posted at sddialedin. “We’ve got a brand-new member,” says the unhappy-looking singer. “ Don’t know what the f*** her name is.”

– Jay Allen Sanford

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I view SD club footage all the time on YouTube, and I've never seen a venue with so many vids apparently centered on drinking and wild-acting women. Almost all local venue vids on YouTube feature music performances or intimate group of friends hanging out together and documenting via camera.

With the U31 vids, it's mainly the same handful of YouTube users posting all the party vids, many of them set to secondary music overdubbed onto edited party footage, as opposed to the usual "point and shoot" recording. Edited thusly, they DO come across like a Girls Gone Wild At U31 advertisement!

Some wild YouTube vids purporting to be shot at U31: --- Two girls kissing, one pulling down shirt and then feeling the other girl's boobs while guys film and cheer. --- Dancing and drinking set to music, girls grabbing their boobs and shaking them at camera (no actual flashing, tho a girl as 2:37 lifts up her dress and touches herself while licking the camera). --- Hot girls booty shaking, almost all drinking, girl at 3:19 sitting on bar with legs spread open (clothed), girl at 3:31 holding onto one (giant floppy) boob and shaking it at camera while holding a can of Pabst in her other hand. Yikes!

That's just the first few I looked at. I'm not saying this is what it's always like at U31, but that's how most online vids seem to portray the place.

This place and the people it caters to are fing plagues on North Park. I can't wait to move out of this a*hole-infested s*hole.

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